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It’s gone from terrible to slightly above catastrophic for Chelsea’s latest manager. An impressive first half, marked by a goal from Juan Mata in the 13th minute, was defined by Victor Moses’ superb performance. West Ham allowed Chelsea’s best — a collection of the most talented footballers in the league, there is no doubt — far to much time to deliberate.

From there the disintegration began for London’s most beleaguered millionaire. Sam Allardyce asked his side to play with a more physical edge in the second half. The additions of Matthew Taylor and Mohamed Diamé confirmed Big Sam’s desire to make Chelsea’s playmakers get dirty if they wanted to secure three points. Carlton Cole skied over the back of Branislav Ivanovic for the equalizer in the 62nd minute — a 50/50 call for the referee.

For a fleeting moment it looked as though Cole’s goal knocked some life into a listless Chelsea squad. Mata smacked the post off of a beautifully taken free kick in the 65th, However, from then on it was all West Ham. Cole to Diame made it 2-1 in the 85th. A horrific blunder from Ashley Cole led to Modibo Maiga’s insurance marker in extra time at that was it. 3-1, big Sam danced and Chelsea supporters at Upton Park directed their fury at their favourite scapegoat.

Rafa Benitez took a job that was destined for failure, a fact that speaks to desperation or utter confidence — maybe both. Whichever it was, the hyperbolic writing is on the wall. One win in their last seven matches and failure to advance to the knockout stage in the Champions League a strong possibility — what will Roman do next?

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  1. I’m waiting for the Swansea report Desai…I’m waiting =)

  2. The biggest threat against Chelsea’s title aspirations are the club itself.

  3. i got the swansea report for ya make fun of arsenal we were shit today been shit the last about 6 weeks at least now this year we seem to give no effort and the fast free flowing arsenal r a thing of the past gervinho aka conehead is garbage as is ramsey who thankfully didnt play cazrola looks tired as does podolski i still feel we have a better team than we did last year call me crazy or whatever but i like giroud and our backline when everyones fit seems solid we need changes at the top starting with ownership and premier league seems to b turning into la liga two teams and only two teams challenging for the title which doesnt make it too exciting anymore now make fun of arsenal 101 who do u support so i can rip on them from time to time cause every team in this league has its fralties

  4. There’s not a club in football that deserves to fall apart at the seams more than Chelsea.
    If Roman Abramovich ever gets bored and pulls the plug, taking his money with him, 50% of the people who support them now would be cheering for another club within 2 years.
    I feel bad for Rafa, I have alot of respect for him, but his decision to take over there is looking more and more like a mistake.

  5. They won the Champions League last year, by hiring a former Chelsea player with managerial experience. Therefore the only way out of this is to hire Nicholas Anelka .

  6. hahaha ur a fucking loser get a life bud

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