Yes, the special one came out alone 40 minutes before the Madrid derby kicked off. Based on this video — captured from the stands of the Bernabeu on a camera acquired sometime in the early 1990s — it appears Jose was greeted with a mixture of jeers, cheers and whistles.

This may be the most self-indulgent thing ever witnessed on a sporting field, quite the feat considering the characters professional sports draws with its sirens of fame and wealth. Mourinho fell on his sword in the least endearing way possible.

Madrid lead Atletico at half thanks to a wonderful Ronaldo free kick. Even if Los Blancos hold on to beat their cross town rivals they’ll remain eleven points behind Barcelona. Jose remains a special, self-obsessed manager in a place that suits him perfectly. Don’t do it Real.

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  1. I thought this was most brilliant passive aggressive fuck you to a fan base I’ve ever seen.

    • It was clever, if you’re into that sort of thing I guess. Firing him would be insanity — in that sense I like it.

  2. One of the Top 3 managers in the game today. If RM sack him who will they replace him with? RDM? please….

  3. Yes Madrid, sack him. So he can come back to the San Siro.

  4. Hey, does anyone know what happened to thefootyshow and the youtube podcasts? i used to enjoy those so much, but have obviously missed some very important information? A buy out??


  5. Um…looks more like a standing O to Jose to me than anything else. He went out and faced the fans. They respect that in places like Spain.

  6. A big big big massive fuck you from a Jose mourinho fan

    Obliously ur opinion are shit as U don’t know what the fuck is happening on pitch

    My advise stop blogging and wank off to your porn as that is the only way u will you use comp.

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