Two things here. He snubs Sir Alex — never a good idea. Perhaps even more disastrous was Rafael’s encounter with the jacket, which nearly enveloped him before he emerged unscathed. At 22-years-old I guess this behavior is to be expected — though pissing off the boss is never a good idea, no matter how old you are. His replacement, Chris Smalling, would provide a momentous highlight for a fan in the upper deck at Madejski.

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  1. Maybe he wasnt cold…

  2. does the fan get to keep the ball? those go for like $150.

  3. Dumb kid…. this could cause him more than what he thinks. Lil Sh…. reminded me of Baloteli. He needs to get kicked in the face by sir Alex….

  4. He’s been one of United’s better defenders all season…and he was understandably pissed at getting pulled so early. Ferguson could’ve at least given him until half…kind of a dick move on his part.

    • He was already on a yellow when SAF pulled him…and we had conceeded a couple goals from set pieces already. SAF probably wanted (1) some more height in defense and/or (2) protect Rafa from getting a second yellow (saving him for the derby). I think the same thing happened to Cleverly in the Arsenal match. He was subbed off already having 1 yellow. Wenger left Wilshire on, who subsequently picked up a second yellow.

      • Hmm, I actually completely ignored the fact that Smalling was physically bigger and stronger. Fuming too much over the quick sub I suppose, so in that respect it makes perfect sense. Still think it was too early in terms of saving that second yellow. I seriously doubt Rafael was gonna pick a second up before half. He still has the odd moment of bad judgment (like on that yellow) but he has grown a lot as a defender. Much more disciplined than he was before. I do remember what happened in the Arsenal match, but those were different circumstances. I think Wilshere’s second yellow had more to do with the lack of a red for nearly Sparta-kicking Cleverley in the face earlier in the match. I’ve cooled off about the whole thing, especially given United came away with the three points in the end, but I’m still not in full agreement with Ferguson not just waiting another 10 minutes to make his change.

  5. Nothing will come of it. He was likely as mad about his performance as the sub itself. Not the first or last player to snub Fergie when getting subbed.

  6. Rafael should realize better than anyone how expendable he is….Fabio’s rubbing his hands in delight as we speak

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