Grant Holt was dancing. Sebastien Bassong joined in with a jig that would’ve left Don Cornelius aghast. Chris Hughton’s side were on their way to another convincing victory. And then it all came apart. With thanks to Sportsnet Ontario and Michu, we present the Comeback that almost was on Tape Delay.

51st minute 1-3.

Michu continues to prop up the lazy narrative that is ‘Impact Summer Signing.’ To be fair he has been. Five goals in five games, 12 goals in all. You can have your RVP’s, Cazorla’s and Hazard’s. Michu is the man. To make matters worse for Norwich it should’ve been 4-0 moments earlier. Grant Holt’s electric slide morphs into a subdued fist pump.

59th minute 2-3.

Nathan Dyer makes mince meat of Javier Garrido, sending a cross into the box that finds Jonathan De Guzmán’s foot.The Canadian by passport only beats Mark Bunn short side — a terrific goal. ‘Are Swansea a one-half team’ the commentator asks. If only.

63rd minute racist assclown makes an appearance.

67th minute Danny Graham comes so close.

His last involvement in the game was an important one. Before making way for Itay Shechter, Graham nearly capitalized on a Garrido error. In hindsight that was as close as the Swans would come to equalizing.

77th minute 2-4.

A piece of left-footed brilliance from Robert Snodgross kills the dream. Paying no mind to the wall before him, Snodgross’ free kick dips over and past the short side of Gerhard Tremmel. The 25-year-old Scot had a fantastic game and was clearly the man of the match. The Canaries rise in form can be attributed to the exploits of Snodgross, Anthony Pilkington and Bassong. Well done.

83rd minute Grant Holt exits.

He made us laugh. He made us cry. Never forget the Holt dance. Never forget.

84th minute Michuuuuuu.

The man of the hour connects on a lovely Nathan Dyer through ball only to send his shot just wide.

90th minute plus two 3-4.

Michu provides his disciples with one final glimpse of brilliance. JDG2 provided the ball, the Spaniard countered with the finish. Too little too late was the final story, but De Guzman’s cross deserves its praise. Perfectly weighted with a menacing trajectory, it was a cross fit for a king. Or Michu.

Norwich continue their unbeaten streak in a pulsating game that was worth the watch as the Canaries win their first match away from home.