While Santi’s dive — post forthcoming — is occupying most of the bandwidth this morning, some strange news has emerged out of the Toronto FC camp.

Via Patrick Friolet:

Jesse Marsch had received an offer to lead Toronto FC in the MLS. The former coach of the Montreal Impact has met with leaders of the training Toronto, who are very interested in his services.

For the moment, Paul Mariner is still the head coach, but behind the scenes, it seems that Kevin Payne has approached Marsch. Payne is the president and general manager of the club since the end of November and is a good friend of Bob Bradley, with whom Jesse Marsch, a native of Wisconsin, has worked for the U.S. team. Bradley would have recommended the 39 year old man for the job.

CSN’s Ben Rycroft has more:

After Kevin Payne lauded the efforts of Paul Mariner during his press availability the past week(s), this morning’s jolt comes as a bit of a shocker. Again, nothing is confirmed and the fact Marsch has multiple offers should be taken into consideration. We’ll update this story as more news becomes available. Never a dull moment with this club.

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  1. Good, Mariner is an absolutely terrible coach. When you are in a “rebuild” and you fire your coach for lack of results, then somethings up. Get a proper DP instead of some pensioners and lets get to the effing playoffs

  2. to be honest, I will take ANY coach that will help this club get anywhere.. I have never been a fan of Mariner…. wish MLSE had given Winter more of a chance, but meh.. that’s what an “Entertainment” company does best i guess.. if Marsch does end up taking over, I wish him all the luck.

  3. Maybe they can consider a change of cities while they’re at it? MLS sucks balls.

  4. I don’t know if it’s true – there’s a fair amount of denial out there – but the sooner Mariner gets out of town, the better.

  5. They do realize that if they fire Mariner and get Marsch, and he doesn’t pan out and the fans start hating on him too, there won’t be a coach in the western hemisphere that will answer TFC’s phone call.

    • Reminds me of Chelsea

      • I’m not sure why people are framing things in such a way.

        Like Chelsea, an unsteady hand is hurting the process, but really there were a lot of unfit people hired in the first place and a lot of people fired for good reason.

        Does a coach the goes winless in 14 games and no prior track record of achievement as the top dog deserve not to be fired? Is there anything else he’s done in his position that inspires confidence? I think not.

        If Kevin Payne can have proper direction over his staff and TFC can quit “going back to the well” of the same support staff and group of agents, a future coach is in a good place to succeed.

  6. YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES, i should peobably read the article though…

  7. all i know is he is much more capable than everyones “favourite” crazy drunk uncle paul.

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