July 20th, 1969 – Man lands on the moon.

November 9th, 1989 – The Berlin wall falls.

December 8th, 2012 – Santi Cazorla gets blacklisted.

Reputations are earned, not given. For the most part at least. Santi Cazorla’s freshman year in England has been marked by superlative play making and excellent vision. Unfortunately from this day forward the diminutive Spaniard will be known for his acting as well.

And with that what looked to be a good game was ruined. Mikel Arteta slotted two penalties — the second, deserved — and Jack Wilshere played his best game of the season. West Brom’s magical run to open the season has hit a rough patch, after three straight losses Steve Clarke can no longer walk on water.

For Gooners this should be a day of jubilation. However, the truth cannot be overlooked. This is how referees compile their dossiers. Fool me once…

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  1. If you actually watch the clip from another angle and instead of jumping to conclusions you would see that he actually stepped on his foot and fell over and thus deserved the penalty.

    Watch what your saying before you jump to conclusions..

    Probably a Man U fan..

    • you’re either blind or dumb or both. Diving doesn’t necessarily mean a complete lack of contact — it just implies that the diver didn’t need to fall as dramatically as he did. Learn football before you talk smack and make the rest of us gunner fans look bad

      • If you were running like he was through that ball and got clipped on the foot or stepped on like he did. you would have fell as well. We all know there is embellishment in the sport and that certainly wasn’t the worst dive of the day.

    • I guess you haven’t read Devang’s “tough being an Arsenal supporter” posts.. doubt he’s a Man U fan :)

    • The writer is actually an arsenal fan. Whose jumping to conclusions now?

    • He didn’t step on his foot. The West Brom player BARELY touched Cazorla’s shin. That’s not enough contact to trip someone.

    • LMAO only person who is blind is you, not seeing it is a clear dive, blinded by your cloud of bias, and blind in supporting Wenger for all these years as the Arsenal ship just keeps sinking. 4th place is your trophy

      Jog on son

    • The same gooner fans who are saying this was not a dive are the same ones who thinks wenger is still great for aresnal….you’ve all lost your mind

    • I did watch the game, every clip that came out of it showed absolutely no contact…. i.e he dived, he cheated, he ruined the match for all west brom/ neutral fans. retrospective action needs to be taken.

    • The above clip doesn’t really show any contact. Not sure where the contact could’ve been made either. Is there really a better video clip which shows contact?

      • No, because there was no contact. I watched the match and they analyzed it in every angle, and in each one, no contact.

  2. BI actually agree with the first penalty b/c even though Reid make contact with Carzorla he still took a swing at him. And the second penalty the Ox fouled west brom’s popov right before the penalty. Also if you guys want to see bad flopping look at David Luiz against Sunderland today.

    • I didn’t see the game, but if the swing at Cazorla you are referring to is the one in the video, that’s idiotic. He was going for the ball. If a penalty was given for that, it’s my opinion that Cazorla should be given a suspension after review. Handing out suspensions after games is the only way to help stop diving or exaggerating injury.

  3. I still think Gilardino’s dive vs Celtic in the CL some years back takes the cake.

  4. There is too much embellishment in soccer. I’ll stick to hockey, thanks.

  5. Why is it so easy to make fun of arsenal you ask?



    Saaaaaantiiiiiiii Cazorlaaaaaaaaaa <3

  6. Clear dive. But after 15 games of being kicked, run over and generally manhandled, all under the watchful eyes of BPL refs eager to “learn” Carzola the english game, I think he’s entitled to one.

  7. Typical Arsenal.

  8. clear dive but why is it he does one dive all season and cazorla is villified yet gareth bale and ashley young dive every weekend and there is no outrage could it be that because theyre from the U.K. it’s ok but if your from anywhere else in the world its not?

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