What would you do with 20 million a year?

Twenty one million dollar homes. A suit made out some sort of genetically modified animal that would never rip (patent pending). The ability to make people disappear.

Apparently Pep Guardiola will be able to do all of those things and more if he accepts Chelsea’s latest offer. Roman Abramovich is done giving a damn, tired of watching his supply teacher get ripped by the students at Stamford Bridge.

ESPN UK has the deets:

With Europe’s elite keen to lure Guardiola, Abramovich plans to blow them all out of the water with a massive offer of a £20m-a-year, four-year contract, plus bonuses that would easily ensure the Spaniard earns nearly £100m for his troubles and becomes the world’s highest paid manager.

The elite mentioned above refer to PSG, AC Milan and Bayern Munich. Pep’s agent says he will not make a decision before January. If true, how can you turn that down. Guardiola has spurned Roman twice before, but as we say in the exotic animal suit making industry: money talks.

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  1. Maybe he would enjoy a job where he knows he will still be employed the next week.

    • I would love to get fired one week into a job if I knew I was still going to get paid 100 mil euros in the next 4 years for doing nothing.

      • But if you were fired at the end of the first week you’d only make around $650,000…which means you’d be taking a huge hit =(

        Is it really worth the sacrifice?


        • I’m pretty sure if someone is given a contract for an amount of time, he will get paid for the entire contract, whether or not he gets fired (unless there are relief clauses). Which makes all the past firings all the more ridiculous because Roman has paid off all the managers he has fired.

          • I am pretty sure it depends on what is in the contract regarding termination and severance. End of.

  2. take it, take it and run.

  3. No manager is worth that much money. Pep was a great manager with a great array of talent at his disposal in a system he knew intimately as player, b-team coach and then coach. I doubt he could reproduce the same success parachuted into another environment and Roman is a fool to offer him that much money.

  4. Roman has already employed better managers than Pep. Why he thinks he’s worth $20 mil a season and the others were worth sacking I don’t get.

    • Yea, because all of the managers roman has hired have won all six possible trophies in one year including 2/4 champions league trophies…yup makes sense.

      • He has employed 4 different Champions League-winning coaches. He has employed a World Cup winner. He has employed managers who have won titles in four different countries. Make enough sense for ya?

  5. He would enjoy a job offer where he knows he will still be employed the next week.

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