A long awaited return to regularity.

Remember when I tried to do these everyday? Well here we are. So settle in if you’re fighting off sleep at your grinding slow death of a desk job, or cuddle up if you’re stuck on a train home in deepest darkest winter, remembering you still haven’t got a proper present for the missus.

So, what gold have I dredged up for you? First, Rio Ferdinand is at least in a cheerful state:

Second, Martin O’Neill has Sunderland by the balls:

“I don’t want to sound wildly boastful, but not only am I the best man for the job, I am actually the only man for the job.

“We will steer it through, we will get calmer waters ahead – it might take us a few months to do that – and then we will see.

“If we are continuing for the next couple of years to be in this position, then I will certainly question it then.”

The club’s TSR is hovering around the .400 mark, or just below. So not exactly a powerhouse there. But if some enterprising soul wants to find a way to isolate for wage/transfer fee effect, regression to club norm for the geographical area, and any possible FO influence to pinpoint exactly how Martin O’Neill is the only thing holding the club a little higher than it would otherwise be, please go ahead.

Still, the point remains…who replaces O’Neill on the fly now? Mark Hughes? Are they one for one?

Christine Sinclair won the Lou Marsh trophy, which matters for us Canajuns. Sean Fitz-Gerald has some applicable but fairly straightforward reasons she deserved it, outside of, well, duh, of course she did.

I know this Paddy Crerand thing is getting everyone on their little high horses, but it’s not as if the hosts of this BBC Five Live were adamant that Rio celebrated in front of fans, simply that others had put it to them he had. This whole thing has become odious because it becomes of a matter of City versus United fans, rather than NO ONE SHOULD BE THROWING THINGS AT OTHER HUMAN BEINGS EVER. It also doesn’t change the fact Crerand was being an appalling dick on the show, right as he may have been.

And the next Lionel Messi record to catch: Prepare to be destroyed, Dixie Dean.