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Well, no point in delaying this because everything in the football news world isn’t worth a standalone post today. Where to begin? Let’s read the entrails the Arsenal disemboweling shall we?

First, David Hytner states the obvious:

Arsenal do not intend to sack Wenger and Wenger does not intend to quit. He has said, repeatedly, that he always honours his contracts and his current one takes him to the end of next season. Ivan Gazidis, the chief executive, who runs the club on a daily basis on behalf of the majority shareholder, Stan Kroenke, is hugely supportive of and sympathetic to Wenger. He believes in him; their ideology, their principles, their vision of the club as a self-sustaining business off-the-field and a stylish, distinctive team on it, are the same.

And so, la la la la. I think however (as tends to be the case) the Fiver, today written by John Doyle, is much closer to the heart of the matter in turning over a common myth that Wenger “buys intelligently” on the transfer market, using, admittedly, a small sample:

Wenger spent £10.5m on Gervinho (at the same time that Newcastle got Demba Ba on a free), £6.8m on André Santos (at the same time that Liverpool got José Enrique for £5m), £15m on Andrey Arshavin (that’s eight Michus, give or take a leg) and what feels like a lifetime trying to coax reliability from the likes of Marouane Chamakh, Johan Djourou and any number of other duds in whom the manager has invested heavily. So let’s not have any guff about the Arsenal board clamping Wenger in an enormous sleeping bag-shaped straitjacket.

It is indeed amazing how the myths of Wenger the astute scouter of talent has stuck to him like some Lee Dixon-sized barnacle.

Meanwhile Bradford’s pretty good 48 hours has continued with news the club has been reinstated to the FA Cup. The Telegraph reports:

The Bantams were thrown out of the competition by the FA last week because they did not receive written permission in time to play Newcastle loanee Curtis Good in the second-round meeting with Brentford on November 30, which finished 1-1,

But following today’s appeal, Bradford say the FA has decided to fine the club and allow them back into the competition.

Moreover, some Bradford fans have made funny t-shirts to commemorate the event, which you will likely see in some bargain bins somewhere in Scotland come July.

Elsewhere, J-League side Sanfreece Hiroshima has been feted for the celebration in the above video by the Daily Mail, because apparently nobody is happy anymore when they score goals in the Premier League: “We should be proud of the passion in the English game but would it not be nice if we saw our Premier League stars follow the lead of the Japanese players and start to bring some joy back into playing football?”

Because coordinated little dances equals unparalleled joy. Right.

In other Club World Cup news, Chelsea FC get their excuses in early.


This “Godfrey Chitalu is better than Messi” story is raging on, and on. I thought I would have something to say on this other than something involving these words in some sort of coherent order: “goals scored in calendar year arbitrary record”. There, I said it.

Apparently John Barnes wore tights because it’s cold in England sometimes. Which required a full length article.

Comment of the Day


Wenger made me do a WTF when I watched the game yesterday. Gervinho as a lone striker was a terrible decision. Podolski would’ve been a much better choice as he is very ineffective as a winger whereas Gervinho is a much better winger. Bad loss by them.

Thanks to Devang Desai for this illuminating screen cap.

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  1. “Wenger made me do a WTF when I watched the game yesterday. Gervinho as a lone striker was a terrible decision. Podolski would’ve been a much better choice as he is very ineffective as a winger whereas Gervinho is a much better winger. Bad loss by them.”

    I am not sure I agree with Podolski is an ineffective winger. I will grant he is not a “true winger” but he has made some good plays and scored goals as a wide forward.

    Gervinho should be a water boy.. for a Div 3 team.. in France.. but only an assistant… He makes some good runs..he actually can pass the ball..but his first touch and his final touch around the net?? My grandmother has a better touch around the net..and she has been dead for over 15 years.

  2. I get it now…Wenger wanted some PACE to match walcott’s so he looked up the Ivory Coast National Team…too bad he picked the wrong player hahahahahahaha GRADEL IS BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That Jordan comment all but confirmed the lack of footballing knowledge at this place since Sharms left. You just pick random comments and put them on a pedestal? Maybe Podolski’s still fighting off a slight injury? He’s ineffective as a winger for 100 German caps? Slow clap to you Whitall and whoever this Jordan is.

  4. I clicked on a link to this article because I swear Twitter told me I would be reading about Messi vs. Cthulhu, which I thought was an even match if there ever was one.

    Colour me disappointed.

  5. Gervinho & Arshavin combined cost less than Veron, and Santos was cheaper than Bebe. Turns out everyone touts a few lemons. I understand kicking a guy when he is down, and maybe he has lost the plot, but Wenger’s eye for talent is no “myth” and readily stands up to big picture scrutiny (as indeed does the Gentleman who signed Veron, Bebe, and a host of others).



    AT 1:58!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • “MOOSHMUMPKIN, MOOSHMUMPKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      – Commentator

      “IMPOSSIBLE, IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      – Translation

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