Villa leads Liverpool 2-0 at the half, as Christian Benteke continues to impress with sublime play. His well taken strike in the 29th minute gave the Villans the lead. The assist above, slotted home by Andreas Weimann, made it 2-0 in the 40th minute. Backheels forever.

Update 11:14am – He’s not done. Liverpool’s ‘defence’ — I use the term loosely — is no match for CB.

Gifs via 101greatgoals and fourfourtom

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  1. I watched the game today live, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a worse display of defending from a premiership team ever than on that second goal. Not normally one to harp on these things, and prefer to give credit to the attacker – and CB deserves some credit for the killer instinct – but wow.

    He just ran straight through the middle and it was almost like the seas parted as he ran practically straight through to the penalty spot! What is going on there? You’d call that poor defending from a mens league team FFS

  2. Who needs Heskey when you have BENTEKEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Up the Villa!
    Finally I can wear the claret and blue with pride again (or lime, if away).

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