Timing is everything. Earlier this week Richard championed the little things Marouane Fellaini does on the pitch. Add one more ‘little thing’ to the list — unfortunately this one is highly illegal.

His victim, Ryan Shawcross, is no stranger to playing on the edge. The pair were locking in a physical battle for 90 minutes. Fellaini lost his cool, and will surely be banned for at least a couple games for this indiscretion. From hero to goat. So she goes.

Update 12:25pm:

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  1. *ahem*…

    Fellaini-ni-ni he is over 6’3″,
    fellaini-ni-ni he shits all over Stevie G,
    in the air,
    on the floor,
    feed the yak and he will score,
    he is big,
    he is blue,
    and he’s coming after you!!

  2. OoooOOOOoohhhHHHH!!!

    He’s got a bird’s nest on his head!!

  3. Marouane Fellaini, you are the love of my life,
    Marouane I’ll let you s**g my wife,
    trust in me when I say!
    I’ll let you s**g my wiiiiiife!

  4. 3 games as per a straight red. It’s not as if that is the only thing he was up to today – he punched Shawcross later in the game.

  5. Not an Everton fan, but Shawcross is a dinosaur and an insult to the game. Glad he got nutted.

  6. so he can be violent as long as it’s towards someone who has been violent in the past?.. yep looks to me like this sport is moving along nicely..

  7. not bad not bad still not as good as zizou’s in 06 tho

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