Messi makes it 90

“Do I fear Messi? No, no. I am not afraid of anyone.”

And with that Thibaut Courtois did the inevitable. Don’t anger the beast — that’s a hyperbole, more like don’t say things that could make you look foolish in hindsight.

That isn’t fair. Courtois shouldn’t be afraid of anyone, just know your place. That’s all. Barcelona turned what was a promising game into another coronation. We’ve run out of adjectives to describe Leo Messi. I’ll give it one more shot: fun.

He makes it fun. He wasn’t alone. Adriano’s bending golazo was terrific. Sergio Busquets’ deft touch to create his goal just before halftime was superb. Though patchy and times, the duo of Puyol and Pique did enough to reign in the ball of the fire that is Falcao — though his opening goal was stunning, like rewatch it on youtube twice a day for the next three months good.

We come back to Messi. Ironically he turned an entertaining affair into a standard Barcelona victory. 90 goals in 2012, nine points clear of Atlético Madrid and 13 ahead of Real Madrid. This one is done — in Decemeber.

Celtic and Real remain the only teams to beat Barca this season. I don’t envy the beat reporters that follow this team. How does one say the same thing over and over again in new ways. Actually that’s a lie. Where do I sign up?