Messi makes it 90

“Do I fear Messi? No, no. I am not afraid of anyone.”

And with that Thibaut Courtois did the inevitable. Don’t anger the beast — that’s a hyperbole, more like don’t say things that could make you look foolish in hindsight.

That isn’t fair. Courtois shouldn’t be afraid of anyone, just know your place. That’s all. Barcelona turned what was a promising game into another coronation. We’ve run out of adjectives to describe Leo Messi. I’ll give it one more shot: fun.

He makes it fun. He wasn’t alone. Adriano’s bending golazo was terrific. Sergio Busquets’ deft touch to create his goal just before halftime was superb. Though patchy and times, the duo of Puyol and Pique did enough to reign in the ball of the fire that is Falcao — though his opening goal was stunning, like rewatch it on youtube twice a day for the next three months good.

We come back to Messi. Ironically he turned an entertaining affair into a standard Barcelona victory. 90 goals in 2012, nine points clear of Atlético Madrid and 13 ahead of Real Madrid. This one is done — in Decemeber.

Celtic and Real remain the only teams to beat Barca this season. I don’t envy the beat reporters that follow this team. How does one say the same thing over and over again in new ways. Actually that’s a lie. Where do I sign up?

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  1. Messi is unstoppable. 6 consecutive 2 gol game. Spanish press (madristas) need to stop talking about Messi losing the ball on falcao’s first. Falcao’s is top class. Busquets was flat footed and puyol was too slow. It happens. Great game

  2. Not scared of Messi he says…couldn’t do fck all for ALL FOUR GOALS he knows…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    hahahahahaha sit your ass down sebastian.

    U scared now??

    Scared of Adriano’s godly two footnedness??

    Scared of Busquet’s mind games??

    Scared of Messi’s 100 finishing??

    Forget Sacchi’s Milan. Forget the 1970′s Brazil.

    FC Barcelona 2009 –

    Greatest club team the world has ever seen. It would’ve been 4 champs league trophies in a row had two teams decided not to park the biggest buses in football history hahHAHAHAHhahahahahaha

  3. I still stand by he wouldnt score so freely in England, to but it polite La Liga is a boring league with no competition, it reminds me alot of the SPL when Celtic & Rangers were battling against each other, its a poor league.

    • Put off the Spanish league at your peril, fool.

      World Cup Champions.

      2 time European Champions.

      It would be even less of a competition if Barcelona were in the english league specifically. stoke on a tuesday night?!?! hahahahahahaha That’s it?!!?! That’s all the english league has to offer?!?!?

      Seria A, Germany would be much more interesting.

      Messi would score 5 goals every game against the likes of every team in england except for the top 3 teams because they have the players to park a proper bus HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • remember epl fields are generally smaller than laliga fields. not that big of a factor but iheres less room to run when shawcross is trying to kill you, literally kill you, like hes fucking insane and frothing at the mouth, on one of those fabled cold tuesday nights. but c’mon you cant argue the bottom of the epl table is steps above the bottom of la liga. its a league of 2 amazing teams, 3-4 good teams and a bunch of shitbags. where the epl is 3 great teams, 4 depending on your definition of great, 4-5 good teams, a couple of odorless shitbags, and qpr, the shitbagiest of all non shitbag shitbags. I forget what I was saying, oh yeah laliga is a weak league.

        • hahahahahah because you explained it that way…I’ll give you some credit hahahah

          That was funny =)

        • When you say there are 2 amazing teams, 3-4 good teams, and a bunch of shitbag teams in La Liga, exactly which teams are you referring to?

          When you say there are 3-4 great teams, 4-5 good teams, and the rest “odorless shitbags” in the EPL, exactly which teams are you referring to?

          I ask because I believe you are watching different leagues than the rest of us. Or, if I had to guess, maybe you’re not watching those leagues AT ALL, which would explain your comment.

          Do you even know anything about the teams you’re relegating to shit status in their respective leagues? Have you ever seen them play? Or do you simply check fixture results and draw conclusions based on final scores?

      • This post cleary shows you know nothing about the game, its idiots like you posting trash that spoil sites like these, and no doubt put people off having their opinion.

  4. *Post game: After the team fails to comply with the only strategy given to them…parking the bus*

    *Opens door into dressing room…straightens his tie”

    …YOU FOOLS!!!!!! YOU HAD ONE JOB TO DO!!!!!!!!!

  5. I, Diego Simeone, acknowledge that we never had a fighting chance against the best club in history. I told my entire midfield to pretty much mark Messi in the middle but you can see what good that did. I honestly never expected Adriano and Busquets to score because apparently Barcelona is a one man team…am I rite, am I right?!?!

    Falcao did good for us, but lets be honest. If those chances fell to Messi we would’ve been 3-0 up by half time.

    I really wish we were in the english premier league. We’d be chillin’ in first place, damn that league so easy.

  6. only two teams competing in premier league this year just like la liga for the past 5 or 6 seasons leagues get dull because of that the bundesliga and especially ligue 1 seem to have a different team bringing home the trophies each year which makes it more exciting to watch if ur not a man city/united fan or barca /real madrid fan its not overly enticing anymore thank god for champions league i guess

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