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Chelsea distraught after losing to Corinthians in Club World Cup final

For the first time in six years the Club World Cup will reside outside of Europe. Chelsea depart Yokohama in shambles, Gary Cahill’s petulance the lasting memory in a depressing trip across the globe. The Guardian’s Dominic Fifield assessed the scene:

“Trophies are slipping through their fingers almost carelessly these days, though this still felt particularly crushing. Ramires, exhausted and distraught as he slumped to the turf, had to be consoled by team-mates and coaching staff. David Luiz, in floods of tears, sat alone and hardly able to watch his compatriots mass together before lifting the trophy.”

Contrary to popular opinion, this tournament did matter. The jubilation felt by the Time do Povo faithful at Yokohama Stadium could be felt — the drums helped, being awake at seven in the morning EST didn’t. Cassio was terrific in goal. Rafa Benitez now adopts the role of soothsayer. “This has ended up feeling like a damaging experience.”

Yes, Arsenal are struggling but sensible people should be defending Wenger now

Gary Neville drops some wisdom over at the Daily Mail. Earlier this week Arsenal legend/former manager George Graham stated Arsenal would never win the league again. G-Nev responded:

“Sensible football people should be defending Arsene Wenger and fighting for him to build another great Arsenal team. And we certainly shouldn’t be sat here saying:  ‘Arsenal will never win another title.’ To me, that seems absurdly reactive.”

I’ve been guilty of whinging about the supposed plight Arsenal faces in the new age of money dominated football. I will not apologize, however, for stating the truth. If the Gunners want to win they must spend. Arsene Wenger’s tactical prowess, his acquisitions on the transfer market — these decisions should be questioned. Hyperbolic claims like the ones made by Graham aren’t helpful. As Neville rightly states, did anyone think Manchester City or Chelsea would be lifting trophies 15 years ago?

Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini apologises for head-butt on Stoke City defender Ryan Shawcross

Hopefully the way Everton has reacted to this incident is remembered. There was no hedging, no maybes. David Moyes said his club would accept any punishment from the FA. “I have told him [Fellaini] in the dressing room that it is not acceptable – I won’t accept it as a manager that he does that.” Ryan Shawcross is no saint — there were many who applauded MF’s headbutt. But let’s be serious. That deserves a suspension. The Toffees handled this well.

Van Persie shows his true colours with rendition of Glory Glory Man United at Christmas party… but Kagawa steals show with Gangnam performance

Manchester United’s Christmas party was a blast. RVP sang, Shinji Kagawa’s performance of Gangnam Style was wonderful. None of what I just wrote was true. Not only did Kagawa destroy what was already a terrible song, there was also the horrible undertone of racial stereotypes that couldn’t be overlooked. RVP sang Glory Glory Man United. I feel ill.

Will the real Falcao stand up against Barcelona?

The match of the day features the two hottest names in football — Messi and Falcao. Graham Hunter’s excellent piece for ESPN FC details Atletico’s troubles at Camp Nou after the departure of Fernando Torres. Though he lives for the big moments, Falcao has struggled to make an impact against the big boys in Spain. We’ll cover the game later today. Predictions anyone?

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  1. 1) Messi’s scored 17 goals against Atletico Madrid & who knows how many assists.

    Barcelona: 5 – Atletico Madrid – 1

    2) *In the Everton dressing room after the stoke game*

    Moyes: Where’s Fellaini?!?!

    Fellaini; I’m here boss…

    Moyes: COME HERE YOU BIG BOY! *Proceeds to give him big hug and many congratulatory slaps on the back whilst maintaining a huge smile* Thatta boy!!! shawcross can go fck himself!!!

    Fellaini: Hee hee I knew you’d love it boss!

    *The subsequent press conference*

    Moyes: …yeah…I talked to him…shouldn’t do it again…=)

    3) “Sensible people should be defending Wenger now”…

    I must take a new form to tackle this proposition =) along with the chelsea thing hahahahahahahahaha

  2. Wow.

    No, like honestly. Wow.

    They tried so hard and did fck all. This is the future of chelsea. Decent footy @ times against $hit teams. But against the big boys…either park the titanic (the bus has been stolen by celtic) or try and play hahahahahaha.

    chelsea is a decent 3rd/4th place team for the next 5 years in the 4th best league in the world…meh. Whateva’! apparently winning don’t MATA anyways hhHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  3. Wow. A lot of comic gold on here.

  4. “Sensible people should be defending Weng”- what the fck hahahahahaha






    There is no future with Wenger…no future of winning.

    You think any other club would’ve kept this guy this long?!?! Make him a head scout or something. He needs more time in Ivory Coast to pick out the true beasts of the continent…*cough* gervinho hahahahahaha


  5. How much more evidence does one require to realize that our current so called “European Champions” are a disgrace and claimed that title in a disgraceful way.

    Go home chelsea. Fight over 3rd place =) It’s honestly too bad they didn’t make the next round…would’ve been spanked by whoever they played against just like arsenal haahahahaha.

    Unless they managed to steal the keys to the bus from neil lennon of course…

  6. Chelsea are fck all without me.

    Even if Falcao stands up. Messi will sit his ass back down.

    Today is a good day for football.

    1) Current European Champions proven who they really are…3rd place team in mediocre league.

    2) Both madrid teams suck ballz.

    3) The greatest players, manager, and team in football history write another paragraph…Adriano MOTM!!!!

  7. People thought it was going to be an easy win, took Corinthians for granted. Chelsea just look flat under Benitez, they wont be going places under him with his style of football..

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