As someone who shares the same name, first and last, with hundreds of people in this big ol’ world of ours I know the pain.

Brazilian futsal superstar Falcão shares his with that relatively decent striker playing over in Spain. But don’t get it twisted, before Radamel came Alessandro Rosa Vieira — better known as Falcão. The 35 year-old’s goal in an exo dubbed ‘Futsal Fest’ was pretty special. It was one of five goals for him on the day, leading Atletico past Estrelas in a 14-5 rout.

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  1. Witch.

    That is all.

  2. they both play for Atletico?????????????


  4. That was an absolute beauty! Futsal is so amazing, so many highlights all the time. It’s like the NBA or NCAA in so many ways except with your feet.

  5. That was dirty.

  6. Used to be an amazing league in TO the Toronto Futsal League, watching kids (usually rep teams under different names) learn this was amazing. I watched 15 year old OYSL champions get schooled by some 11 year old Argentinian kids that were just hacking around at the Hanger.

  7. not so hard with goalkeeping like that

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