As kids we thought the world of Christmas. Some of us still do, and the second best part about the festivities was the precursor, often expressed in a chocolaty Advent calendar.

But as football fans, I’m sure some of you would have appreciated a calendar with your favourite team just as much as those sweets you devoured.

Manchester City’s public relations department thought of a nifty idea this season.

Here is the club’s personal Advent calendar featuring everything from Balotelli’s attempt to wrap a gift and Carlos Tevez calling him daft (yes, you read correctly), to Nasri singing Christmas songs a la francaise to Kolarov reciting Jingle Bells and the Toure brothers….Ooops, I’m ruining the surprise element.

P.S. I suppose even one of the richest clubs in world soccer couldn’t escape South Korean sensation PSY’s recent hit. They just had to use the song in the title, ‘Welcome to Christmas–Manchester City Style’.