Hey, you guys. This is primarily a programming note to tell you that theScore Sports Factory of Dreams (they haven’t accepted my name suggestion yet for the new company, still waiting) is going on a wee break for the Holiday Season. I’ll be back with the usual nonsense on January 2nd, 2013.

However, fear not! For behold, Devang Desai will be writing on the football on weekends and on Boxing Day, so the blog will be fully operational when you arrive.

If I post anything up though in the interim, you will hear about it via the usual channels. Like me, on the Twitter.

It’s also a note to say thank you for reading for the past year. You’ve been great, your contributions have been great, and…yeah. You’re all great. Leave more comments though, even if you don’t feel like it. I care what you think. Seriously.

I’d also like to extend grateful thanks to all our contributors this year…Paolo Bandini, James Horncastle, Ben Lyttleton, Michael Cox, Jerrad Peters, Ethan Dean-Richards, Andi Thomas, Alex Netherton, Duane Rollins. And then all our part-timers, too many to name here.

I’ve tried my darndest to make this blog not bad, and these writers have made the blog good. Very good. Thank you all.

Cheers and stay tuned in the New Year. Lots of fun soccer stuff coming your way, on all platforms.

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  1. Cheers all! Hope everyone has a great holiday. Even you, Richard. Lol. And, yes, even Drogba, King of Trolls. Well… Yeah, even Drogba.

  2. Ahhh conveniently leaving right after Aston Villa’s biggest win of the year… May as well end it on a high. Cheers for the great work all year, probably read at least 90% of your work too, so that’s a real compliment.

  3. Merry Christmas and etc. Looking forward to more excellence on the blog in 2013.

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the writers of Counter Attack (I mean The Footy Blog :P)

    See you in the new year!

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