Sir Alex’s post mortem examination of the kick heard around the world was slightly dramatic. Check that. Really dramatic.

Via the BBC:

“He should be banned for a long time because that was the most dangerous thing I’ve seen on a football field for many years. It was absolutely deliberate. The whistle has gone, the game has stopped and he has done that right in front of the referee, he could have killed the lad.”

Watching it over and over again lends credence to Ferguson’s claim — sort of. Concussions, head injuries in general, are a scourge of professional sports. Whether Williams heard the whistle or not is something only the player will know — to me that looks like a frustrated, I’m tired of this, course of action. A lengthy ban seems excessive, but man. Watching it in GIF form doesn’t help Williams’ case.

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  1. It looks to me like someone attempting a clearance. But I didn’t see it in real time yet, so I don’t know where the whistle goes in all that. Poor RVP though; that smarts, I’ve had it happen to me.

  2. With the player’s head only centimetres from where the ball lay, for most it is instinct to kick it ANYWHERE else. Regardless of when the whistle took place, that’s appalling. I wouldn’t say a “lengthy” ban is necessary, but some sort of discipline should occur.

  3. In other news: Michu, a relatively unknown player in La Liga, is the leading goal scorer in the epl for…swansea hahahahah

    Yeah…looks like 91 goal Messi would never cut it in the epl…

    “But Didier!!! EPL has waaaaaaaay better defence!!!!!!!!!”

    Two words…

    aston villa


    • WTF bro, stay on target, er, topic.

    • First off, Michu was not a relatively unknown player in La liga. Many clubs over there knew about his ability, (though admitedly not many in England). Second, in terms of an epl team with a good defence, i’d look at Stoke, not Aston Villa.

  4. I don’t see it as intentional (oh look, judging intent form a .gif, that’s fun) but it was reckless, absolutely. Bad combination of habit + pressure + lack of attention to detail in that moment.

  5. When I was watching live I thought it was meant to be a clearance. But if you look at the GIF, Williams was staring not at the ball, but at Van Persie the entire time. When you aim to clear you’d look at where the ball is going or where you WANT it to go. Not at some chap’s head diagonally in front of you (no, he’s not even looking at the ball after making contact, he was just staring at Van Persie). Seems more intentional than not to me. It’s a thuggish move and he deserves a lengthy ban.

    • First rule of any ball sport is you look at the ball, NOT where you want it to go!!!!!! It wasn’t
      a full blooded strike as you’d get from a run up, th Also RVP’s head was on the floor and was raising it as William’s’ was halfway through the motion. I agree he could have been sent off for petulance but to say \\\\\\\\\rvp lucky to be alive is immensely sensationalist and stupid”

      • do you even play football? this isn’t baseball here. you don’t stare at the ball the whole time you strike it. that’s just silly. also, he was pretty clearly looking at van persie’s head even after he struck the ball. are you blind?

        by the way, who are you to say that it’s sensationalist? an object striking his head from BEHIND when he wasn’t braced for it at point blank range and delivered with impetus is easily enough to give someone a concussion if not further structural damage to the neck.

        • I agree, Williams is clearly taking aim at rvp’s head. A disgraceful and thuggish move on his part.

        • fergie didnt say concussion or structural damage to the neck dr. ferguson says it could have killed him and you know whatever fergie says goes in the epl

  6. Van Persie better watch those high crosses from Valencia, might get hit in the head,
    could kill him you know.

  7. If you were trying to clear it, you could easily angle yourself to avoid RVP. Williams knew what he was doing – winding up an opponent with a bit of footballing sophistry.

    SONNY – you’d be right if crosses came in from a yard away.


  8. He was looking at van Persie’s head all the way. RvP raised his hand to argue a non-call, he did not deserve getting a “clearance” in the head.

    Fergie’s remark is rather exaggerated, but someone would have been concussed from that shot.

  9. Was it intentional? Probably. Was it stupid? Absolutely. Was Fergie way off the mark with his over the top response? Of course. It’s obvious he was also quite frustrated with the lack of chances that United finished off, and this was a way of letting go of some steam. Despite the fact it’s obvious that RVP “could have been killed” is ludacris, but I do believe Williams is guilty here of violent misconduct and hence deserves a ban, perhaps 3 games equal to a straight red card.

  10. This could have killed RVP like RVP’s elbow could have killed Cabaye (or Wayne Rooney’s elbow could have killed James McCarthy of Wigan last year).

  11. Fuck off, Sir Alex.

  12. If only that was Alex “the purple c**t” Fergusons head…. *sigh*

  13. ashley williams every gooners favourite non arsenal player now glad to c he arose back from the dead to play against newcastle

  14. UNITED isAlWAys BeingTargetted. HATERS.

    He should be barred From Fotball for Life

    United TILL I DIE!!!

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