Will José Mourinho still be at Real Madrid for the Manchester United tie?

For the first time in 10 years Iker Casillas was on the bench. José Mourinho’s gambit didn’t pay off. Roque Santa Cruz scored twice (audible gasp) on Antonio Adán. Real’s title aspirations are cooked, but the lasting memory from Malaga’s 3-2 victory will be Mou’s decision to drop Casillas from the lineup. When asked if Adán was the better keeper Mourinho responded in classic style: ” “In my opinion? Of course.” Rumors of infighting has plagued the club. Mourinho has refered to ‘three rotten eggs’ within his squad. His decision to drop Casillas will be seen as an outing. He’ll continue to fight, managing a team full of crest fallen players, but it appears the end is near for Jose in Madrid.

Manchester City send fixer to Brazil as they launch bold mission to sign £32m superstar Neymar

Manchester City sporting director Txiki Begiristain — great name — is chilling in Brazil, courting Brazilian prodigy Neymar according to the Telegraph. Jason Burt states City know they aren’t alone — Chelsea and Real Madrid have deep pockets and no conscious as well. The idea was Neymar would stay in Brazil until the 2014 World Cup. Would City be the best place for the Djibril Cissé imposter? They’d have to jettison Mario Balotelli — seemingly a given at this point — but even then they’re left with Aguero, Tevez and Dzeko up front. Playing time will be sparse.

Ronaldo admits he’d love to ‘come home’ to Manchester United

This week’s Daily Mail troll headline is based on comments from friends and former teammates of Ronaldo. Fergie would welcome him back, CR7 wants to come back — according to unnamed sources, it’s all to perfect. There are a couple hang ups. Ronaldo’s buyout clause is one billion euros. That coupled with two and a half more years in his deal with Madrid mean the reunion is probably not going to happen.

Meireles at the centre of a storm

As usual Andy Brassell kills it, discussing the aftermath of Raul Meireles’ red card in the Istanbul Derby. After his dismissal Meireles kissed the Fenerbahce in front of a rabid pro-Galatasaray crowd. Then it got worse:

“Referee Halis Ozkahya alleged in his report that Meireles spat at him and made a homophobic slur towards him following the sending-off. Nobody is saying that he behaved angelically in the aftermath, having crossed words with both Emmanuel Eboue and Felipe Melo as he made his way from the scene of the crime, but Meireles’ reaction of shock and indignation has been quite unprecedented.”

The situation has now devolved into a case of ‘he’s lying’. Meireles has been banned for 11 games. Both sides have been peddling their message to the media – Fenerbahce’s English twitter account recounted the testimonies of Meireles friends and former teammates — he is a great player and a great example of a human being.” Read the whole piece. Interesting stuff.

Eden’s heaven is Real

We end with an inane article from the Sun — breaking news — featuring Christian Benteke dishing on Eden Hazard’s dreams. Normally I would prefer to avoid articles like this, but I’ve been a bit obsessed with the rising superpower that is Belgian football. Benteke reveals Hazard has always dreamed of playing for Real Madrid. Apparently all the Belgian lads are friends: “Eden and Marouane are the two players I am with all the time when we are on international duty with Belgium.” Yea, this probably wasn’t worth a read.

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  1. This is what Mourinho does – he overheats and burns out. In the past he’s either had a he-said-she-said to mask it, or jumped when the timing was right. This time, it sits squarely with him.

    The Real brass are well known for pulling the trigger quickly, and they’ve given him way more slack than previous managers (Capello won a league on one stint, the CL in another and still got canned each time.) . If they fire him, there’s only one direction to point fingers

    • The problem in the past decade+ at Real is that the manager is not the ultimate dressing room authority – Casillas is. And he’s got a little Spanish clique now in Ramos and Alonso who are running roughshod over everybody else. At this point, the team is literally suffering game by game because of it. He wanted to sign a different keeper – the brass refused, understandably yet unfortunately, because this team was on the verge of greatness and it looks like that was all for naught now.

  2. Jose always belonged at Chelsea

    • Which is exactly why he left when Roman didn’t give him what he wanted or agree with him….

      • After everything he had done for that team since arriving, he deserved whatever he wanted there. Roman fucked up. You won’t find many who disagree.

  3. He currently has the best squad he will ever have to manage…and he can’t do fck all hahahahahahahahaha

    But watching him dance with his players is hilarious…


    • Can’t do fuck all? Who are the reigning La Liga champs?

      • I just find it interesting that Drogs admits he’s not in Mourinho’s best ever side.

      • Reigning La Liga champs…hahahaha please. It’s not special for madrid to win the league.

        Almost. Every. Single. Manager. Has. Done. It.

        This guy comes in here and gets sooooooooooooo lucky with all the calls that went their way last year, it was actually ridiculous.

  4. La Liga is eating him alive.

  5. “It deserves a degree of sympathy. What else could the TFF do but back its man and believe in his integrity?”

    Vehemently disagree with this. The TFF should be taking their time with a thorough investigation and making sure they got it right, especially given the partisanship involved in Turkish soccer. Not saying that it should take as long as JT/Anton Ferdinand, but within a week of the alleged incident seems rushed to me.

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