Do as I say.

Dimitar Berbatov has opening a thrilling day of footy action on the isle with a message to his compatriots on the pitch. After his goal in the eighth minute — Fulham leads Southampton 1-0 in the dying moments of the first half — Dimitar chose to alter a slogan used by the British during World War II. Genius to some, crass to others. This lowly blogger thought it was pretty great.

h/t to Andy Glockner for the screen grab

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  1. Can’t blame the guy. He’s world class, and above anyone else on his team. It’s a shame he ended up with Fulham.

  2. i completly agree with berba.

    most of the time , these idiots aren’t even looking for him as they move foward with the ball.
    they all try their individual stupid moves and then lose the ball.
    when they do wake up a realise : oh shit berba is free ! they pass him the ball and he creates magic or he keeps posession and passes it gently to a teamate.,

    thats when they remember that hes world class

    but 2 seconds later they seem to forget and go back to playing individually or amongst themselves.

    every attack should focus on berba!realise that hes your best player and play with him goddamn!

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