The simulation debate is one I’ve grown tired of. Players dive and referees are made to look foolish. This will be part of the game for as long as you or I are on this planet.

Spurs won a crucial away fixture this morning — the word ‘crucial’ could be used to describe just about any game at this time of year. Aaron Lennon’s goal in the 51st minute capped the comeback. The win adds to a remarkable run for André Villas-Boas’ club that’s seen Tottenham go 7-2-1 in their last 10 games.

In any case most of the post-game discussion will focus on Gareth Bale’s yellow card for diving in the 81st minute. Martin Atkinson got this one wrong. For as long as Bale plies his trade in England he will be subject to calls like these. Blame can be directed at both sides for this. In the end it just plain sucks.

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  1. The worst part about getting this one wrong is that Bale misses the next game against Reading.

  2. What’s wrong with the yellow card? It’s crap like that that needs to be removed from the game. Slight contact and he embellishes it by going down. Simulation?

    • Simulation of course. It was a dive, an egregious dive, the referee is correct to award yellow. No one attempting to retain his balance falls like that. It’s nonsense that needs taking out of the game, and to see so many defend it is rather saddening.

      Diving takes the athleticism out of football.

  3. Gareth Bale must learn from Theo. It was a complete penalty, the referee refused, Theo was not bothered but got up 2 chip the ball over Krul………goal of the season no diving. This is a real class of the English.

  4. I’m sorry Devang but I agree fully with Finnstaar. This absolute shite needs to be removed from the game. Yes there was slight contact, and I mean SLIGHT contact on Bale. He falls over like a hurricane blew him over! I’m sorry but that is simulation through and through. He deserved that booking plus the suspension v Reading for accumulation of bookings. If he wants to feign/dive and get away with it, don’t review tapes of Ashley Young. Both are atrocious and retrospective bans of 4 matches by The FA are needed for diving. This is the only way this gets removed from the game. And yes, Cazorla’s penalty claim a few weeks ago was a blatant dive. I was disgusted in seeing that too…

    Walcott’s third goal today was all class! Something Bale needs to learn, class that is…

  5. bale the tollhouse cookie elf dives yet again minimal if any contact reminds me a bit of ronaldo the way he flops at least try to make it believeable god damn!

  6. How does getting hit from the side cause someone to fall forward?

    • Its the same principle that causes you to fall forwards (not sideways) when someone trips you by kicking your trailing leg into your standing leg while you’re walking… crazy little thing called PHYSICS. Momentum carries you forwards even though your leg was kicked sideways.

      Contact in this issue was minimal.. but there was contact and defender not even close to the ball. Is it a penalty? No, not in my opinion. Is it a yellow card for diving? No.

      • With contact that minimal, and from that angle…nah I doubt you’d fall forward, especially in that manner. And I mean really minimal contact. It looks like the defender BARELY grazed his knee. Bale already made up his mind as to what he was gonna do. There’s no contact at the boots, and the defender feinted the arm around Bale. Bale flopped like a bitch. Boggles my mind how players so fast and so skilled would rather fall over instead of keeping their run going and just putting the ball in the goddamn net. When I play I refuse to go down. Dunno why anyone else wouldn’t.

      • Physics indeed. A player fouled from his right will not sprawl towards the same side. Regardless, he won’t go down in a belly slide.

        This sort of stuff you learn on your first refereeing courses.

  7. The particularly frustrating thing here is that Bale’s bad reputation here is entirely deserved. I’ve nothing much against Spurs or Wales (and Bale is a marvellous player when on his game) but a referee preparing to officiate either will prepare knowing he will see Bale exaggerate or fabricate contact 2-3 times a game, minimum. You have to prepare for that.

    • And it reminds me of Steve Beleck getting booked for us (Watford) against Forest in the game before Christmas. He actually beat his man, got fouled a couple of times while getting around him, then decided to do the argh-I’ve-been-hit pratfall to try to earn a penalty AS HE ROUNDED TOWARD GOAL! The ref gave him a yellow, and despite the fact he was fouled twice, it was thoroughly deserved. Play the game!

  8. I’m with the people that say this was a dive. If you hear the player say stuff like there was contact and they went to ground, that screams dive to me. If you are TRIPPED and you FALL to the ground, it’s not a dive. He’s got a reputation for a reason and I’m not going to cry much for him if he gets unfairly cautioned at some point. I’m a United fan and I’d feel the same way about Ashley Young. If he gets a caution for a dive that wasn’t a dive, I’ll be mad at him more than the ref.

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