A MOTD report is forthcoming — these oxygen tanks don’t fill themselves — but while you wait, enjoy Theo Walcott’s third goal of the day in an insane game at the Emirates. PAY THIS MAN.

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  1. Walcott has made me eat my own words. Now give him the 100k he asked 4. Gazardis n Wenger must give Theo the money now. I’m so so so sorry 4 Giroud should have scored a hat trick. But happy 2 see Podolski n the Ox all scoring. We need this against Beyern…..consistency needed.

  2. What a great game. Who said Walcott can’t play as a striker?


    I have been saying for a long time now that Walcott could play up front on his own. 3 goals (plus that one of beauty) and 2 assists today! Wenger and the board needs to loosen up the purse strings and sign Walcott to what he wants….he deserves it!

    Now if this side can show up each and every game like this. I don’t care of they score 4-5 goals a game, but consistency is needed, especially with The FA Cup 3rd Rd Proper tie @ Swansea next Sunday and two-legged Rd of 16 tie v Bayern Munchen in February/March. Wenger and Bould need to look at the back four again. Two goals easily scored by the Magpies when our back four fell asleep…sounds familiar :(

    But in the end, the night belong to Theo!

  4. Wow what a game for Walcott. He is worth the 100k he is still young too.

    Sad that it will not get replayed for a goal of the year like it should be. Also sad that if this was Messi it would be in the goals of the year since its Walcott I bet it will not be.

    I like how he take the exta touch when he gets up tht totally fools the keeper. What a checky finish.

    Bale take note what can happen when you dont dive and try to stay on your feet or you get back up fast. Bale’s a diver. This play shows why I love Walcott he gets up fast to try to play on.

    • Don’t be silly. they started to add it as an add on almost right away. Fouled twice on the way to the goal and still makes it.

      This is the kind of goal that we have been denied with so many strikers going to ground instead of fighting on (Bale, Ronaldo….listening guys?)

  5. sign him up sign him up sign him up

  6. Not sure what Arsenal’s last offer was but 90k is Arsenal’s limit and I don’t think they’ll go above that for any player even if they score 10 in a game.

  7. What wenger is looking for outside is right thier under his nose, Theo has sent another good message to arsenal board this time through DHL., Please Theo should not leave emirates.

  8. theo did fantastic through the middle but still feel his best spot is on the right wing giroud is a beast in the air up front and if gives us another dimension i could never see giroud playing on the wing as he lacks alot of pace but theo canplay both positions brilliantly so stay out the wing walcott thats where the team needs u most and it isnt about the indiviual all about the team

  9. Theo made me think of Leo on that goal. Wont go down without contact and when he does, bounces up and keeps playing. Also the chaos method of dribbling = “I don’t exactly know where the ball is going but I’ll get to it before you do”.

    • Best way to dribble in my opinion. Just go with it. If you dunno where you’re going, neither does the defender.

  10. Walcott only does well VS teams with shit or tired defense and teams down to ten men… the way you guys are hyping Walcott here is ridiculous… Newcastle were exhausted from Wednesday (while Arsenal were resting), plus they have a shitty defense to begin with… of course a player like Walcott is going to do well, CF or on the wing.

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