Frank Lampard shows Chelsea his predatory instincts are undimmed

Two goals and a man of the match performance later, Franky Lamps has increased his sale price. Asked about his future after the game, Lampard responded to questions regarding his future at Chelsea in a coy manner. “He hoped the new year would find him playing for a winning team.” That doesn’t sound like he’ll be plying his trade in London in the new year. Goals number 193 and 194 led Chelsea to a come from behind win over Everton at Goodison. Whatever happens in the next few weeks Lamps will go down as a Pensioners legend.

 Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger reiterates desire to keep hat-trick hero Theo Walcott after Newcastle blitz

“My desire is to extend his contract. I think he belongs here. Hopefully we can do it.” Theo’s handlers have played this situation perfectly. Refusing to acquiesce to Arsenal’s wage stipulations, Walcott is now position to parlay his recent success into a giant pay day. On Tuesday Theo will get to explore his options. It’s 50/50 at this point.

If Mourinho leaves, who could possibly replace him?

Over at ESPN Rob Train delves into the murky world that is speculation. Jorge Valdano and Mou’s relationship has reached its boiling point. The replacements suggested by Train are your usual suspects: Ancelotti, Guardiola, Benitez — but the most the intriguing name on the list is Swansea boss Michael Laudrup. A former star at Real, Laudrup would be a gutsy hire for a club in need of an identity chance.

Nani Manchester United exit rumours denied by Sir Alex Ferguson

Nani will not be sold next month. At least that’s the message sent by Alex Ferguson when asked about the Portuguese winger’s future at United. “We need a Nani. He offers something different from the other players. He’s an incredible talent, the boy’s a great talent.” Talent twice in one sentence. Regarding reports indicating United would sign Robert Lewandowski: “It’s nonsense. Absolute nonsense.”

Debuchy heading to Newcastle as Magpies seal £5.5m deal

In desperate need of healthy, capable players, Newcastle has moved closer to their long awaited acquisition of Lille defender Mathieu Debuchy. Alan Pardew’s quest for Marseille striker Loic Remy will cost a little more. Ten million more pounds.

Redknapp targets four January signings as he looks to save QPR from the drop

This isn’t going to end well. Desperate to save his flaling club, ‘Arry heads to the market with a blank check and false hopes. ‘If we can get the right people in the January transfer window, the three or four who can make all the difference, good lads who will come in and have a go, we’ll give ourselves a chance.” This was said before their dispiriting loss to Liverpool at home. Look out.

 Villa end 2012 in all kinds of trouble

Dark days at Villa park. A minus -24 goal differential — a 0-15 stretch will do that — coupled with wins by fellow Reading and Wigan make things even bleaker for Paul Lambert. The holidays suck.


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  1. If Ferguson thinks he needs Nani, why has he only played the guy for less than 40% of the available minutes?

    Nani has been injured since Nov 7th, but in the 10 league games prior to that he was only used for 358 minutes. He only played the full 90 for 2 of the 10 games, and only played more than 45 for 3 – the same number of games where he was unused.

    But then, anyone who actually believes what Ferguson says is clearly missing some brain cells.

    • Combination of a seemingly poor morale, plus poor form is what limited his time. Seemed pretty clear to me.

      • It’s not about why he played so few minutes, it’s about the fact that Ferguson claims to need someone he’s not using.

  2. Fergie needs Nani the same way he need d Berbatov the lat two seasons.

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