Marouane Fellaini has developed a reputation for being an absolute mess to handle in the danger area. Judge for yourself, but I don’t believe Coloccini committed a foul on the Everton attacker. No matter. Baines stepped up and drilled the ensuing kick past a helpless Tim Krul. Everton defeated Newcastle 2-1.

Gif via 101gg

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  1. I don’t think Coloccini did, but you can see newcastle #24 has his foot under him which was enough to blow it down IMO.

  2. So either the goalie got a bad read, or the ball had amazing spin on it, or it was tipped. I can’t really tell why this such a good goal if it was #1

    • Any fucking set piece goal these days is considered a “golazo (originally golaço til the world decided they liked Italian words more than Portuguese ones)”.

      I guess we need a new word for the goals that truly are mind-blowing. Any suggestions?

    • It did have some swerve on it.

      “Golazo” is too generic. This, my friends, is what used to be called a “pile driver”.


  3. @ Dan the word “golazo” isn’t italian, it’s spanish. In italian they just say “gol.” Thought I’d clarify that.

  4. Great strike , but Krul is way over and opened up his side of the net

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