Well, that was quick:

Liverpool Football Club is delighted to confirm the signing of striker Daniel Sturridge from Chelsea.

The 23-year-old becomes our first signing of the January transfer window after penning a long-term contract at Melwood today.

Afterwards he told Liverpoolfc.com of his joy at sealing the deal.

“I am humbled and happy to be here,” said Sturridge.

“Brendan Rodgers said he sees me here for a long time – and I also see myself here for a long time. I’ve not signed here to play for a couple of years and then move on.

“I’ve signed to be here for as long as possible. It’s a humongous club – for me, one of the biggest in the world – and to have the fans and world-class players we have here is amazing.”

The deal is for a reported £12 million, which must include some that tasty ‘English premium.’ Anyway, despite the crap Sturridge has received from all quarters from I believe two single matches in which he didn’t score and did some dumb things, he’s 23, which is a nice age to buy a player who may be able to improve slightly.

It would be nice to report on his individual actions-per-minute stats, or his successful passes as a percentage of his team’s when on the field, but those websites don’t exist…yet. Anyway, some LFC fans are pretty pissed, but then Sturridge has to be better than Fabio Borini, no?

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  1. Bob Dole thinks Liverpool need to stop overpaying for average English players

  2. Or Andy Carroll

  3. “and world-class players we have here is amazing.”

    I think he means “player”, not plural. And he’ll be gone in 7 months time.

    • Suarez and Gerrard both qualify as world class and I would argue that you could throw Agger in to the same conversation.

      • Gerrard will be 33 by seasons end. His glory days, by all accounts, are behind him. I like Agger, he’s undoubtedly solid. But world class? Dunno bout that one.

        Either way, Suarez is still gone in 7 months.

      • Liverpool have zero players in their squad that can be considered “world class”. Suarez is really close, Gerrard and Agger however are not.

  4. I think Sturridge still has massive potential, much like Walcott. However, can understand the lack of movement around Heskey!?

  5. If Chelsea are able to get Demba Ba from Newcastle for 7M as some rumours would suggest, I think we will all know who will have come out best from these transfers. Besides that, Liverpool needed a striker and I think Sturridge is a capable player who will do better at Liverpool than he did at Chelsea.

    • Ya I find it odd that they would cough up 12 million pounds for Sturridge but not get in on Ba. There is a lot of talk of Liverpool having a cap on the age of players they bring in and maybe Ba being 27 is why they wouldn’t pursue?

      • Maybe it’s because the last time they went to Newcastle for some midseason delight they got absolutely robbed? Them bitter tastes last a long, long time…

      • That Ba contract is pretty complicated….wouldn’t surprise me to find out that only certain clubs could trigger it.

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