Move the advertising signs, yes?

This story has been angrily retweeted by the same partisan football fan zealots who make me literally sick to my stomach, but this to me is such a stroke of brilliance, of total organizational dedication to the cause, and it should be commended:

Manchester City have been accused of using underhand tactics to help them beat Stoke City – after being caught moving the advertising boards to stop the Potters from using their iconic long-throws.

Tony Pulis’ side are well known for their set-piece mastery, which has extended to the dangerous use of throw-ins in recent years, with innovations such as towels sewn into shirts helping them lob the ball right into the opposition six yard box.

So Stoke sowing towels into their kits is ingenious planning on the part of Pulis and co, but a bit of sign board moving is unholy injustice? No. Short of moving the goal posts (or maybe including?), football needs more of this.

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  1. I haven’t read any of the partisan comments you refer to, but I’d imagine that any outrage in this particular case would be predicated on the idea that City shouldn’t need little tricks like this in order to beat Stoke. Hell, even as a neutral I look at it a bit askance, truth be told. Then again, as you say, it’s a bit hypocritical to praise one side for ingenuity but damn another just because they have more cash.

  2. it’s called home field advantage, you think they don’t wet the wings extra heavy when clubs with speedy wingers and full backs play?

  3. Doesn’t Stoke do the opposite? I remember last year when they were in the europa league that had to move the touch lines closers to the stands as the pitch they used in premier league matches was too narrow.

  4. I fully support this move.

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