The reaction from fans to this is particularly interesting, as they all unanimously called out Lincoln City for their ‘bush league’ approach to transfer negotiations. As ever, fans have made the mistake of assuming those connected to the club know anything more about these deals than the rest of us (and the less important mistake of thinking that lower league club chairmen don’t also man the official Twitter accounts).

Witness this nonsense about the Demba Ba ‘swap’ with Liverpool and Chelsea, wherein the Newcastle striker’s release clause was ‘triggered’ (KA-BOOM!) by Chelsea’s approach, which could mean a potential move to Stamford Bridge for £7 million.

Many LFC fans have noted this and subsequently remarked, ‘Hey, what the hell Brendan Rodgers, you could have had Ba for £5 million cheaper than that overpriced dingbat Sturridge!’

Which has prompted Tweets like this:

In any case, the Guardian notes that “Ba’s initial three-year contract was complicated in its structure.” To say the least. It also means this “release clause” could be limited to a handful of clubs, and maybe Liverpool wasn’t one of them? I’m just speculating.

The moral of the story here is the only people who know just what is going on during these transfer windows are player agents. Talk to them.

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    Good stuff, Richard. Wage demands are always important too. Rumours are that Ba wants to get PAID, not to mention his agents sound greedy as shit. Very likely clubs like LFC aren’t interested in those types of prices.

  2. If anyone looks bush league it is Newport County, apparently prioritizing announcing a deal on Twitter instead of actually completing and submitting necessary legal paperwork. Hard to believe the Lincoln City social media guy decided to go rogue wind them up without any blessing from the higher-ups, either.

    Also, it seems like there’s a bit of a misunderstanding of what a buy-out clause is. You’re on the right track, but there doesn’t need to be any pre-conceived conditions – Ba (and agent) control everything after that £7m is paid… Where to go, what salary, and they pocket any extra transfer fee money they can negotiate. i.e. Chelsea will pay a lot more than £7m for Ba up front, and pay way more salary than LFC would in the long run.

    • Yes there still remains all of the agent fees, signing bonuses and usually higher wages associated with lower/free transfers

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