During an AC Milan friendly against fourth tier Italian side Pro Patria, Kevin-Prince Boateng kicked the ball at Pro Patria supporters who had been screaming racial abuse at him for the first twenty-five minutes of the match. In response, Massimo Ambrosini called for the entire team to exit the pitch:

I’d like to see this again and again, whenever this sort of thing happens. Players should not be compelled to play while subject to racial abuse.

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  1. I’m going to stop following this blog considering everything here is from reddit.com/r/soccer



    • good riddance to bad garbage. who the fuck reads reddit anyway? pathetic

      people who use it are providing a free service to an aggregator that then makes money off the content. great business model for them as there are so many suckers willing to do their work for them.

  2. I agree Richard. I really hope this becomes a trend.

  3. What the hell is up with all these racist soccer fans?? Why and how is this an epidemic? Are there not black/multicutaral people in every damn country these days?

    • That’s where the issue lies for these people – illegal immigration in Europe, from Africa and Asia, is widely seen as one of the main reasons for their current financial situations and the massive increase in unemployment over the past decade. So these “fans” take it out on minority soccer players. It’s wrong, undoubtedly. But not unexpected given the continent’s history.

      • The fact that there is an answer to that question saddens me

        • I suppose we can be comforted somewhat by the fact that the majority of the fans did appear to applaud AC as they left the pitch, showing that it is indeed a small number of people who maintain these views.

      • It’s unfortunate that my (supposedly) rhetorical question is one that people need to ask themselves.

  4. I hope those losers paid a lot of money for those tickets and don’t get a refund. Makes me sick.

  5. I commend KPB for walking off the pitch…maybe someone will see this and the fight to stop racism in football starts NOW! Because we all know The FA aren’t doing a thing

  6. Don’t these stadiums have security? Can’t one of the security jobs be to find and remove these fans quicker than 25 minutes into a game.

    The regular fans sitting around the other scum also have a responsibility to either stand up to these grease balls or report them.

  7. Wow. What courage. Boetang must not be punished for this.

  8. Forza KBP, Forza Milan!!!

    Enough of this garbage. If more teams did this you’d see these crap racist chants become the bad 1990′s memory they deserve to be.

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