When was the last time you watched 60 minutes? I’m pretty sure I last watched it when Mike Wallace was alive, and I think it was the episode that featured the company that was bilking the old people by making them pay for an overpriced medication that didn’t work. I’m pretty sure you saw that episode too.

While I was not initially convinced anyone still watches this show, the Internet told me this:

60 Minutes is on Nielsen’s Top 10 List again, making it for the fourth consecutive broadcast. It was also the eighth time over 13 broadcasts this season that 60 Minutes finished among America’s 10 most-watched programs. Sunday’s edition drew 10.3 million viewers to land at #7 for the week.

The CBS News magazine also made the list in households, tied for #6 (6.5/10), according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012.

Anyway, the episode on Sunday’s going to be all about Messi, Barcelona, and La Masia academy (tip of the hat to the 91st Minute). Do I see the value of several million old people in the Midwest United States learning about Lionel Messi and Barcelona? Yes, if only for a little Spanish football to help them rage against the dying of the light. And maybe it will help a few grandpas to call up their soccer-playing grandchildren and ask, “Have you heard about this little fella in Toledo, Messerschmidt or whatever his name is?” You can’t put a price on that sort of thing.

At the very most, it could at least make some Americans wonder why they can’t have a damn academy that makes them really fucking amazing at football, because they landed on the goddamned moon didn’t they?