I mean, you had time to go to London for the Olympics where you wrote this cool Blogspot blog, but you couldn’t vote for the Ballon D’Or?

You too, Sheldon Longley of the Bahamas. And several others, in fact. Lazy journos. Anyway, here’s the list in which you can see how all the people voted and then make fun of them. Also, kudos to the head coaches of Senegal and Nigeria and the team captain South Africa for voting Yaya Toure in first place.

I don’t want to look at the Women’s voting list for fear of spiraling into total depression, but I’ve found out via the Twitter that Marta won more votes than Alex Morgan.

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  1. Benzema, Drogba, Yaya, Falcao, Pirlo, Alonso, Ozil(WTF LOW), Buffon, Ibra, Busquets and RVP(he of the 5th place Arsenal & non-knockout-qualifying Dutch) all received first placed votes.

    I’d at least like people who take this seriously voting.

    • Maybe a bit biased as a ManUnited fan, but I don’t think you should dismiss RVP’s inclusion in the list quite so quickly. In terms of club footie, if you combine his Arsenal 2012 with his United 2012, you get a fantastic production rate. The best in the world? No, probably not… but he isn’t out of place being mentioned in their cohort.

      • True. But you could counter and say that Falcao had the better year as a striker than RVP. Plus, he at least won a major trophy for his club in 2012.

      • Still shouldn’t be getting a first or second place vote.

        Really, nobody other than the two who finished 1st and 2nd should be.

      • Spanish football dominates International football,youth level football,Champions league,Europa League and Individual awards.Stop kissing the EPL’s ass

        RVP is a flop @ international level

  2. i think van persie should be there.. considering Juventus went 49 games unbeaten and had a good chunk of their core, namely buffon, pirlo and chiellini, atleast one of them should have been there, if not 2.. namely pirlo and buffon who were both all world, spectacular and all class..

    • This isn’t a “let’s honour players who were good this year” list. This is the Ballon d’Or. This is the prize given to the best player of the past twelve months. Not a single player I just named comes close to the performances Messi and Ronaldo gave throughout the year for their clubs (and Ronaldo for Portugal), or what Iniesta did with Spain at Euro. Period. And any writer, coach or captain with half a functioning brain knows that. If you want to throw a third place vote around here or there, okay, even if I don’t agree I understand. But nobody deserved the top two spots other than the guys who eventually finished first and second.

      • I see the point you’re making, and overall I agree about Messi and Ronaldo, but surely you understand that the other votes, ie. Low for Ozil etc, are political, and not based in ignorance?

        And the two best players still finished in the right order, so overall it all worked out.

  3. Hey Richard, many apologies! Trust me, I am not happy with my inadvertent “no vote” on the Ballon d’Or awards. I recently changed jobs and just started work in Abu Dhabi, UAE. My only excuse is that the email fell through the cracks during the transition…
    Won’t happen again, I promise!
    –Aaron Gray

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