Apparently being the Head of Communications of a soccer club is really difficult, because a mere matter of months after Jen Chang lost his job for attempting to Keyser Soze a fake Twitter account owner for leaking false rumours that turned out, entirely by coincidence, to be true, another one has completely failed to understand the importance of public deportment.

Witness James Traynor, Rangers FC Head of Communications hired last December. He wrote an ‘opinion‘ piece on the official Rangers website in reaction to this bit of news:

Jan 8 (Reuters) – Former champions Rangers will not be offered a short cut back to the top of Scottish football under a plan agreed on Tuesday to reform the club game in Scotland.

Rangers have had to relaunch from the lowly fourth tier of the Scottish game after collapsing under a pile of debt last year.

The demise of the 54-times champions has added to the financial problems facing many clubs in Scotland where attendances are modest for most teams except Rangers and Glasgow rivals Celtic.

The latest plan would see a three-tier structure replace the current four levels, possibly as early as next season, and a more even distribution of revenues among the 42 clubs.

Rangers have the right to be cheesed at the decision, which would leave them in the third division, making this season entirely pointless. The panel that worked this out apparently did not include a representative from Rangers, currently 17 points ahead in the Scottish fourth division following their liquidation and reformation as Rangers newco.

But Traynor’s choice of words is, er, slightly impolitic:

THE shape of things to come, three divisions of 12-12-18, has been agreed in principle.

This abomination will now be pulled and stretched by selected members of the SPL and SFL in a desperate attempt to make it more presentable.

Good luck with that.

It would be easier trying to iron out the lines on the face of the old broad, Madge, in Benidorm.

Err, yes. It goes on like that from there… Again, I don’t know much about these things, but I know it’s probably not a good idea for your communications director to communicate things badly.