There may be another reason beyond high ticket prices for fans to stay home and watch the game on TV:

Food Hygiene inspectors reported the presence of rodents at Old Trafford it has been revealed.

An inspection of Manchester United’s stadium, Old Trafford discovered that the club has previously had to deal with the presence of rodents as well as a broken tap and flaking pipework.

The current Premier League leaders were instructed to “continue to monitor and react to the mouse activity”.

The information, which was obtained through Freedom of Information requests, also highlights how Swansea City were guilty of serving ready cooked chicken that was still pink, leaving an open packet of ham in a kitchen and allowing some pate to go out of date.

Moreover, Chelsea FC serve turkey sandwiches well past their expiry date, and Reading FC had dead insects and cobwebs near a drinks stand.

Those clubs with perfect marks in hygiene? Arsenal, Everton, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sunderland, Spurs and West Brom. Plan your 2013-14 away days accordingly. Hat tip to Ian Prior for Tweeting this disgusting bit of news.