Okay, this is a first. A link to an Ives Galarcep story:

Sources tell SBI that Hassli has requested a move away from Toronto FC, with the club in the unenviable position of trying to offload a big-salary player in a league with few options for him (a move back to Europe would seem to make the most sense).

Toronto FC isn’t going to make it easy for Hassli though. When asked on Tuesday about whether Hassli had in fact requested a trade, and whether TFC was planning to trade Hassli, Toronto FC president Kevin Payne would not confirm it. His response, however, seemed very pointed, revealing and defiant.

“Eric Hassli is under contract for 2013,” Payne said. “We’ll decide where Eric Hassli plays this year. Not Eric Hassli.”

Eric Hassli’s kind of an interesting figure at Toronto FC. He’s the guy that Toronto FC (or MLSE) felt nothing about re-upping as a Designated Player almost immediately before the club hired former DC United president Kevin Payne to lead the club. That to me was a plain as day indication that MLSE’s union with Payne was a shotgun wedding, perhaps engineered by Don Garber, because he sometimes has to be that guy.

Hassli was also part and parcel of the reason why Toronto FC were unable to convince Garber to let them have Olof Mellberg last year. Whether or not the club made the final push for Olof before or after nabbing Hassli is the subject of much debate. Which is to say, much debate between the usual ten people.

Anyway, I linked to Ives!

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  1. the trojan horse wants out of Toronto??.. no way!.. isn’t that a HUGE shocker.. btw..that’s sarcasm..

  2. Why doesn’t the team just bear the leafs name like tml fc? We attract no players with this fkn shit branding

  3. Whenever I think of Soccer by Ives I think of Burl and that takes me to a happy place.

  4. Too bad. Hassli is a great guy. met him at one of the TFC pub crawls and he seems to be a genuinely good person. (and this is from someone who hated him at vancover…. the shirt makes the man?)

    He seemed really attached to Mariner for the faith shown in him so this isn’t a surprise though.

    Payne needs to learn the fine art of diplomacy. he seems to have the subtlety of a brick thrown through the Queen’s window.

  5. This entire league is a fucking joke, and TFC is the biggest example.

    Do these people even know what the fuck player personnel management means by definition?

    And why in the fuck does any team have to convince Don Garber of ANYTHING regarding who they sign? How isn’t this league in violation of antitrust laws?

    • Because their players are in a union. But your point is spot on

      • *sigh* We need a Ronald Reagan for the sports world.

        • It does look strange, but part of the success on the business of MLS has been in part to Garber.

          As to anti-trust laws, the NHL, NBA, NFL, etc. would be in violation of anti trust if not for the collective bargaining agreement whereby the union basically waives its right to file for it. However, in MLS, players are signed to the league, not to the individual teams so therefore it’s no different than a any other company who wants to shift an employee from one branch to the other.

        • you know reagan was in a union right?

  6. I say if there arent any reasonable trades or options, he sits, lets see how his career goes after not playing for a season and already being old. TFC already sucks, theyre gonna suck just as hard with or without him.

  7. To be fair, if you have been on the west coast, why would you want to live in that dump they call Toronto

    • baseball, basketball, being able to say you live at the centre of the universe

    • So I’m not surrounded by pompous, arrogant assholes with no ambition. Like you, I’m guessing. Smoke on, buddy.

      • Dan that’s clearly not fair. Everyone likes Vancouver.

        It’s like an old age home but with mountain scenery and decisively less exciting entertainment options.

        • LOL. What kind of half-wit thinks that there are fewer entertainment options in Vancouver than Toronto? Toronto has nothing that Vancouver doesn’t have, while Vancouver has lots of things Toronto doesn’t have. Let’s go skiing in Toronto. Oh wait, we can’t. Mountain biking or climbing? No, can’t do that either. How about just a game of frisbee in the park in November or March? Yes in Vancouver, can’t do it in Toronto without a snow shovel. Every concert, show, etc that goes to Toronto also goes to Vancouver, if that’s the sort of thing you are feebly trying to claim is superior about Toronto.

          • You forgot golf and sailing in January (before night skiing). and you don’t have to put up with people like Dan…

  8. I call 3 wins this year

  9. Ah yes – Vancouver. That paradise for crack-heads and hookers! We can only dream…

    • This.
      also to have such a massive inferiority complex must be taxing on the psyche

      Too funny, I do love vancouver for the most part but once they start bitching about everyone else it just gets tired quickly. Hope they grow the fuck up one day

  10. TFC just suck, MLSE clearly has the track record . Vancouver is just better. the city, football club and everything else.

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