The latest from the brain of Luis Suarez, courtesy of the Daily Mail, who reprinted Suarez’s remarks to Fox Sports Argentina:

‘When someone comes and says to me something bad about being a South American, I don’t cry, because that happens inside the pitch.

‘I have my conscience clean. But as I have said: Manchester United controls the media, they are powerful and the media will always help them.

‘I can help Liverpool today. We are united and we can play well. Liverpool doesn’t depend on me.

‘It’s complicated to play here in England. As Carlitos (Carlos Tevez) and Kun (Sergio Aguero) has said, it’s complicated for a South American footballer to be here as we are treated differently to the local footballers.

‘But they have their culture, they are like this, you know. I have to play football, which is what I always wanted, but I have suffered a lot for being a footballer.

There’s no mistaking that the English football media loves a winner, or that Sir Alex Ferguson has often used his significant ability to control the footballing narrative like no other manager. He admitted that he takes his club’s relationship with the domestic media very seriously in his interview with some Harvard Business School grad students last year.

This is a tricky subject to broach, but Suarez has instead wasted an opportunity to discuss the issue in earnest and instead put on his tinfoil hat. He can do this because he knows many within the Liverpool establishment will nod in agreement. This despite the regular criticism Sir Alex receives for his hypocrisy and his own lack of perspective on the persecution of Man United at the hands of the press.

What I think is fascinating here is the belief that the media narrative matters. That the coverage of the Daily Mail somehow filters its way down through the Football Association to the minds of its governors or through the Premier League into the minds of officials.