When I started looking, I thought I would have trouble finding some good angry Pep Tweets. Nope. To be fair, there were a lot of “Awesome move Pep!”s, but those wouldn’t have been nearly as fun to include.

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  1. lol bunch of butthurt Citeh and Chelski fans it seems. Bayern would destroy there teams

  2. I’m a Chelsea supporter, and even I agree this is a better move.

    Those tweets aren’t a demonstration of the ignorance of Premiership fans towards other leagues, but rather a demonstration of Twitter giving the (previously existing) idiots a public voice.

    Many, if not most, of us are rational football fans.

  3. To be very honest, yes Bayern is a bigger club and maybe a better club as well, specially when there was a blog not to long ago/or a link talking about the youth acadamies of Germany and the system in place and all that, similar on to some scale as Barca.
    Plus to be honest, there is no ‘real’ compitetion to Bayern in the Bundesliga. Yes there are teams who have won it in the last 5 years and also Dorm…but honestly with the money and stars and youth academy Bayern has, for me this looks like a good, sensible and SAFE decision on Peps part.

    • Ill agree with everything but the no other club can compete with Scheisse Bayern. That being said they are consistently contenders, not so much to the point that the BUndesliga looks like La Liga or the SPL

      • My issue with that statement is that, despite the recent history in Dortmund, none of the teams that have competed domestically with Bayern have created any form of sustained success. Bremen, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg have all won the Bundesliga in recent times, but never posed a consistant threat on the national level, nevermind on a European level. Maybe that’s parity, but it isn’t turning the Bundesliga into any type of world-class league which is the potential I see when I look at the talent level being produced by some of these clubs. They need to retain players, they need to increase revenues and they need to perform in Europe.

        • I agree but with Bayern when ever a player in germany is doing well for his club, or oversees and stuff then they buy the player…they have the money…they pay well…they are a big club…you are guaranteed success and champions league every season….and all other perks…players from portugal, german players etc….
          Thats why other clubs dont have that sustained success….plus they cant really compete with Bayern on many accounts….still a great choice by Pep and looking forward to it….but as far as challenges go, the league would be a walkover, the real thing to watch will be Champs league…

          • Well Bayern is in the same boat as Real – it’s Champions League glory they desire above all else. Especially after last year…

        • Bundesliga clubs are making concerted efforts on all these issues. All seven of its representatives have made it through to the knockout stages of the champions league, and the fact that players like Gotze, Huntelaar and Hummels are still playing in the league does point towards clubs going that extra mile to retain key players. The league recently renegotiated a new broadcast deal too, admittedly it is not as lucrative as the EPL, but is still a massive increase upon the old one.

        • Not necessarily true. Although Scheisse Bayern do as well as they do, its not as often as you may think. Since ’89 Bayern has won the league 10 times (which is pretty damned impressive).

          The closest runner up has been Dortmund and Gladbach (a long time ago) at 5, Bremen at 4 and Scheisse HSV and Stuttgart at 3. Although Bayern seems to consistently win every other year due to both an advantage with their finances and a decent academy, they are challenged and dont necessarily win.

          I will agree that they do not perform as well as they could/should in Europe, i think thats starting to change, teams had done relatively well in the 80s and in the 2000s but i do think that not having hte spending money is holding them back. That being said they do have the academies on their side, which is already showing in several clubs as well as in the national team.

          • I should say that when i say ‘they’ (when talking about champions league) i mean German clubs. Already we are starting to see a change with Dortmund, Scheisse Bayern and Schalke all still in it (and contending I might add)

          • lets not all try to be super cool and just call them bayern munich, munchen is pushing it…

  4. Id put good money down the lot of these tweets come from people who only watch winning teams in the EPL and La Liga (bandwagon jumpers) and cheer for winning teams during the world cup ignoring football everywhere else in the world

  5. what happened to pep’s “one year contracts only” policy?

  6. “There’s one thing, in the modern world, Germans ain’t- and thats stupid. Along with the Japanese the most intelligent, efficient people on earth. The collective success on both peoples’ is directly mirrored by the old Roman philosophy, absorb the best of your enemies. Bayern, and by extension German football, understands that the football of Northern Spain is the future of the game. They have the money and tact to sign Pep. The poor state of the quality of the English game as they transition to the modern game won’t do Guardiola any favors. British teams play with their heart more than their brain; Guardiola’s immaculate attention to detail and technicalities would drive him up the wall in england. With Bayern he can work with intelligent and top quality footballers.”

  7. I’m expecting that he’s planning on a bit of a restart at Bayern, because nothing he implemented at Barca – and I mean nothing – is going to work in a system that gives regular playing time to Ribery, Robben, Gomez, Muller and Kroos. Bayern, as currently constructed, resembles Real Madrid 1000x more than they do Barcelona.

  8. another proof that england is a very isolated and brainwashed with their media when it comes to football.

    good luck pep!

  9. to sum this up, people are both ignorant and assholes.

  10. What a shock that EPL fans are up in arms that a world class manager opts to avoid their preferred league to instead take the helm of one of the biggest clubs in the world, one that is blessed with deep pockets, great supporters, a history of success and a ton of talent.

    Pep made a very good move…it will be challenging and he’ll have a lot to prove but I expect he’ll have success. I hope Dortmund can keep the core of their roster intact for next year because the Munich-Dortmund matchup, pitting two of the best managers in the world, will be even more exciting than it is right now

  11. I get a kick out of the person that said :

    “Why would you join bayern munich when you have the option to manage man united,chelsea,man city?”

    Man Utd – are not currently looking for a manager.
    Chelsea – poison club, change managers every 6 months, owner want to be the star of the show. not worth the headache.
    Manchester City – not out of the question, but doesn’t seem like the right fit.

    and people forgetting that only Manchester United of those teams is of the same pedigree in football history.

    he’s made a good choice. Bayern will be very fun to watch over the enxt few years.

  12. To all the ignorant Premier League boosters; soon, the Bundesliga will have more Champions League spots than the EPL. More Bundesliga teams are still playing Champions League football. It’s going to be the second best league in the world very soon.
    Not only that, you need to watch some other leagues. Understand that England team can’t touch Germany, Spain, Italy, even France.

    • 2nd best league? what’s the first, I have no dilusions about any leagues, hell my favourite league is the eredivisie, but honestly the epl still has to be considered the best league in the world if only for the 27,000,000,001 tiers of football and the money available at the top. I’m not saying they are head and shoulders above the rest, it’s actually a very stupid unwinable argument.

    • It’s impossible to get more CL spots than England. You can only have four.

      And the only reason Germany has 4 right now is because Europa League performances count towards the Champions League. It’s amazing that a league in which only one team has made the CL finals since 2003 and lost on both occasions has more Champions League spots than Italy, who has seen two different teams win the title since 2007.

  13. For those of you who don’t understand how UEFA spots are allocated (CL and Europa) here are some relevant links:



    1. Spain is currently the best league in Europe
    2. England has fallen to second and Germany is now VERY close behind.
    3. It would take quite an improvement of performance over the next several years, but Italy could supplant England from the top three, which would mean England would only get 3 CL spots rather than 4, the same way Germany has moved up from 3 to 4 and Italy down from 4 to 3.

    • because thats what determines the best league in europe, just like they determine the best team in europe

      • I point it out because it determines “best” for the purposes of UEFA qualifying spots.

        Kevin K’s comment, which you responded to, was referring to “best” in the context of UEFA qualifying spots, did you not get that point?

        Dan followed up with some erroneous information about “it not being possible to have more CL spots than England.” This is erroneous, because the European performance of EPL teams could decline to a point where they would be the fourth *best* league in Europe, thereby being reduced to only 3 CL spots. But it is true that no one league can have more than 4 CL spots.

        The point is, the conversation thread that Kevin kicked off was based on the coeficient context for UEFA spots, not some useless pissing contest about what league is subjectively “better” or “best”.

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