And this is the result for the slots that matter:

And you can slot in Erik Hurtado in that fifth slot for Vancouver. I know the thing is still live, but come on.

So the first pick was pretty routine, Toronto FC did fulfill its promise in swapping one of their 3 and 4 slots, and it appears Toronto FC president Kevin Payne played the local media a little bit:

Which is funny I guess, but what did it do? Force Chivas to do what they were always going to do anyway?

Kyle Bekker seems to have won the local media race, with local guys using various idioms involving his head being screwed on right. There’s also a running concern he may have been a “fan favourite” pick. CBC MAPLE SYRUP BEAVERS RCMP.

The big surprise? Vancouver going with the Generation Adidas 18 year-old Kekuta Manneh, who scored 12 goals last season for…the Austin Aztex of the Premier Development League. But they wanted a forward apparently, so. Good? They also nabbed Erik Hurtado, who has the word “hurt” in his last name. He’s another cray-cray goal-bagger, which is the kind of turn of phrase only money can buy.

The other big deal involved Walker Zimmerman going 7th to FC Dallas. Alexei Lalas did some song and dance on the TV about how the possible 1st pick candidate shit the bed in the Combine, which if true is sooooo stupid for reasons I wrote about this morning. But time will tell, duh duh duh.

Other Canadian content: Blake Smith got the 8th slot. It’s his birthday today. MLS READY?