Paul Pogba has given Juventus the lead, just before halftime, with this incredible goal. Juve can increase their lead over Lazio, who drew 2-2 with Palermo earlier today, with a win in Turin. Somewhere Alex Ferguson grimaces.

Update: He did it again.

Juventus coasted to a dominant 4-0 victory. In Pogba we trust.

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  1. I trust SAF’s judgement on personnel, but Pogba was someone I really wish ManUnited kept.

    • ya it’s too bad, they never even gave him a chance at united, but his move to juve was probably best for his career.

  2. Good lord it’s depressing to watch these as a MUFC fan.

    • poor manchester united fans the rough times u have to endour its not like u dont have vanpersie rooney or hernandez i feel for u guys u sure have it tough (hint the sarcasm) give me a fucking break most of u dont even know what tough times as a fan r even like

  3. When SAF is at the helm and an 18 year old says he doesn’t want to wait for his chances; it is probably only going to end one way.

    Hindsight is always 20/20, I’m sure most United fans didn’t give a toss when he left and now they wish he had stayed on because of his performances for Juve (stating the obvious, I know).

    The most annoying thing is that he would probably be getting his chances this season.

    Might as well get used to it though, he is probably going to be a great player. Of course, considering who his agent is, he might not stay at Juve for too long either.

    • “I’m sure most United fans didn’t give a toss when he left…”

      Not sure I agree. I think a lot of fans thought he played quite well when he got a run out and recognized the potential he had.

      • He had a few good moments with the first team, as well as some less than stellar ones (albeit as part of a weaker team; his best moments came with a closer to full strength United side, which isn’t surprising). I don’t think there was any indication that he would have hit the ground this quickly.

        I suppose I was being a bit quick to judge in any event. I just meant that of the scores of United fans around, I’m not sure how many watched him regularly last season. This season, it is easy to see what United have missed out on.

  4. as a juventino, i can’t be happier about having a top talent like this guy, he is very much a clone of Patrick Viera. I’m pretty confident this guy will be in the juve team for the next 10 years unless some team is willing to pay a ridiculous amount like north of $35 million

    • As I mentioned above, I would be more worried about his agent constantly looking for moves to benefit himself as much as the player. But who knows, hopefully for Juve’s sake, Pogba will want to stay there for the balance of his career.

    • juve dont have any kind of cash like that too splash on a player bud unless they can earn some spare coin fixes matches

  5. I don’t know Juve too too well – who did they keep showing in the crowd after Pogba scored?

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