Apologies for the terrible headline. Let the dream die, Canadian football fans. JDG2 will suit up for the Netherlands. Whether he sees the pitch for a meaningful game remains to be seen, though his current form indicates he’s not far off.

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  1. Poop on our flag for one cap? See you in my Friday night division 4 house league in 3 years you Dutch oven smelling traitor.

  2. Anybody and everybody would make the same decision.

  3. The most shocking development never…

  4. About damn time.

  5. Thank god. Now I don’t have to hear about this guy and his nauseating bullshit.

    Hope he enjoys watching the next WC from his couch. He won’t crack the full roster.

    • are you sure about that? he’ll probably be a bench player and see no minutes but 2018 I don’t doubt he plays.

      • He’ll be 30 by that point and all kinds of things will have changed about his game and the prospects coming through for the Dutch.

  6. Who, on the first team, isn’t going to Italy? Pretty deep line up to crack full time.

  7. this is good, now if hoillet could commit to somebody that would be great. I used to want a team of the best possible players, now I think it should be a consistent group of guys who want to be there, who can build chemistry together. basically fuck those guys

  8. Good for him. I don’t consider him a traitor. He’s lived half his life in the Netherlands, and half his life in Canada. Either way some people would consider him a traitor. And people that call him a mercenary because he’s choosing the better team I think are often the people that say he’s not good enough to play for the Dutch, so he should play for Canada. He made a choice based on the country he felt more attached to, and stuck to his dream even if it seemed unlikely he could play. He may be a jerk, but I don’t begrudge him on his national decision. Hoilett on the other hand, is holding Canada and Jamaica hostage, and not saying anything, which i don’t respect one bit.

  9. De Guzman can’t play for Canada anyway because he isn’t a citizen of Canada. To obtain Dutch citizenship he had to renounce his Canadian citizenship and Holland also requires proof of his renunciation. Even when De Guzman was ‘talking’ about playing for Canada, he stated if he can get his Canadian citizenship back without losing his Dutch citizenship he would play. Well he couldn’t, it was impossible from the start and irresponsible of Julian De Guzman to say what he did. Obviously he tried, but Jonathan wasn’t giving up his Dutch citizenship to play for Canada.

  10. What pisses Canada supporters off is the “what if?” scenario we have been going through for over a decade and the role these guys, whom De Guzman is one example of, could have played in the success of the Men’s National program. The guy even mentioned it in a recent interview with the Telegraph:

    “Canada’s not a soccer country,” De Guzman says by way of explanation. “I’m not saying they don’t produce good players, but for us to produce good players, they have to go overseas. Of course you’ll get criticism, because players like Owen Hargreaves and me, we could have started making a pathway for other players. And they’re still putting pressure on me to make that decision, because I haven’t been capped yet as a Dutch player. I’m still hoping for that call-up.”


    He acknowledges that he and other “Canadians” who chose more glamourous options could have opened the door and set in a new path and mindset among other Canadians to help make Canada better in world soccer than it is now, especially if young Canadian players see examples of successful Canadians doing well in big leagues while still representing their country on the international stage.

    Would we have made the upcoming WC if all the “Canadians” played for Canada? Maybe, maybe not.

    Would we have had better outcomes than now? 100% true.

    Is the CSA the most comptent federation in world football? Hell no.

    Does he have the right to choose where he wants to play if it falls under FIFA’s wishy-washy rules of international eligibility? Yes. In the end it’s his choice. But this call up for him may be his last if he doesn’t step it up even more as the likes of Strootman, Maher, Van Ginkel, Fer, Siem De Jong and others are younger and more talented than him in his position. We have to remember that guys like Sneijder, Nigel De Jong, Afellay and other are currently injured or out of form in the attacking or holding mid positions so this is his chance. Once they come back and the younger guys get more exposure and experience he will most likely be a fringe player at best. But who knows for sure.

    But do Canada supporters have a right to be pissed off and bitter after what has been going on with all these players who could have made Canada a viable CONCACAF contender? Damn right.

  11. @Bergkamper – well said.

    You are obviously a knowledgeable football fan. Thanks for not spouting the “isn’t it great for a Canadian to be able to play for great nation team like the Netherlands” or the “We’d all do the same thing if we were in his position” – those are BS arguments are for those who want to sound like enlightened citizens of the world.

  12. jonathan de guzman back to feyenoord?

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