Here it is! A new football podcast for your delectation. Richard Whittall joins Devang Desai to quickly discuss the highlights and lowlights of the football weekend, and Richard speaks with the Guardian Sport Editor Sean Ingle on his Guardian column on the rise of the technical scout in football analytics. We round out with the Score’s own Sean Keay to discuss Jonathan De Guzman’s hopefully final declaration for the Dutch national team, and what it means for Canadian soccer (if anything).

You can download it here, and subscribe to our brand spanking new iTunes feed here.

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  1. Devang Desai; a face made for radio…and a voice made for silent films. I kid I kid. Excellent work gentleman, I look forward to hearing what the future holds for the Counter Attack Podcast.

  2. Need a regular RSS feed to subscribe on my android phone. Hopefully this will get figured out…

  3. How often is this ?

  4. Good work is being done here.

  5. The lack of respect you guys show to Mark Viduka is disgraceful. No one has ever played better with his back to the net than Mark Viduka.

  6. Finally! Something to replace the douch-baggery provided by Punners and Dobby… Sweet sanctuary!!!

  7. Excellent work guys. You’ve filled in a void of a more in-depth analysis on secondary topics of football around the world. Something that the footy blog has slipped away from since 4 episodes a week was a regular occurrence. Keep it up!

  8. Is there no more podcasts featuring Sharms/KJ?

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