Well that’s sorted:

I still think Toronto FC lost the reins on this one by hustling Ryan Nelsen into a press conference before he’d sorted out his status at QPR. Hell, they likely shouldn’t have even announced his hiring until Nelsen had solidified his deal with Harry Redknapp and Tony Fernandes, but that’s nit-picking. It may have been the case that TFC needed to force the West London club’s hands in order to ensure Nelsen’s departure. It’s all speculation, and the news that Nelsen will be arriving on February 1st makes that all moot.

It was funny though how everyone collectively soiled their underpants and immediately threw all the tentative goodwill toward new president Kevin Payne out the window once Nelsen refused to officially announce his retirement as a footballer (I’m not a convert but that has nothing to do with him per se, but the presidential role which I think needed to be more on the business/community outreach side). The notion that Toronto FC were politely waiting for QPR to sort things out with Nelsen didn’t come up. Soon the truthiness of “TFC coach won’t arrive until May” was everywhere.

It isn’t great that Payne believes he’s the director of football at TFC, but Nelsen will be in Toronto soon enough. Anyway, we’ll get to learn sooner than later just whether or not this will work.