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1:22 And it came to pass in that time that Paul Lambert led his people the Villans to a place called Bradford. And lo, there upon a field called Valley Parade, they met the small tribe of footballers commonly called Bantams. There at that place they engaged with them in fierce battle with a ball at the foot. For at that time, all the footballing peoples therein did seeketh the Cup of Capital One, and it was fitting and right that each club in turn should seek it out.

And the two tribes did meet there in battle, and Bradford did not strike once, nor twice, but thrice in the netting of the Villans, with the Villan called Andreas striking yea only once. And there was wailing and gnashing of teeth on the Villa bench, and those who followed the Villans did rent their shirts in bitterest anger.

And lo, suddenly a voice of a priest in the order of Melchizedek did cry out in the darkness, heard all around by those within the stadium and some outside, though not as many outside as were therein. And the voice said, “Woe to you who watcheth the Bantams who do not book hotel rooms in London for the 24th day of the second month of the year!”

And Lambert, the one who is called Paul, who had seen his tribe suffer bitterest defeat at the mighty feet of the Bantams, did exclaim in his wrath, “Maybe it’s a bit disrespectful.” And Media did hear his complaint, and said unto Lambert: “Lambert called Paul, do you not know the voice of the one who did lay his judgment upon your club? For this is not a stadium announcer, but a priest in the order of Melchizedek. Woe to you who holds him to account for his judgment.”

And Paul departed to Villa Park, fearing the judgment of the people, and plotted to defeat the Bantams again in battle.

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Ferguson believes he’ll secure Zaha deal by the end of the week.

Newcastle to sign Nancy’s Haidara.

SAF could face a misconduct charge over linesman comments.


Roma’s De Rossi sidelined for two weeks.

Sneijder commits to Galatasaray for three and a half years.

Ballardini replaces Del Neri at Genoa.

Sampdoria president Riccardo Garrone has died at the age of 76.

La Liga

Valencia hand ownership to government.

Kaka deal falls short.


Hoffenheim sign Getafe’s Abraham.

Loew says some national players can sit out the postseason USA tour.

Bit and Bobs

Kolo Toure believes 2013 is the year Ivory Coast wins the Africa Cup of Nations.

Gary Neville argues De Gea’s stoppage time error cost team.

The next sports craze: Thibauting.

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