Eden Hazard hates children. Most especially, he hates Welsh children. The Belgian midfielder was set off in the 80th minute after lashing out at a ball boy on the touchline. To be fair the kid was wasting time in elaborate manner, and embellished the kick with a slight roll. That said, Eden Hazard will look back on today with lament. The children are our future.


This is a tweet from the ball boy in question before the game.

Update II:

Deadspin has a longer clip that shows Hazard push the ball boy down. This has long suspension written all over it.

Update III:


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  1. That kid is a cunt

  2. To be honest its the ball boys fault why would he lay on the ball??? most stupidest thing I have ever seen, and now there might not even be ball boys

  3. 10 game ban incoming.

  4. I honestly don’t know how this makes me feel. I mean, you shouldn’t kick the kid… but how long was Hazard actually trying to get the ball?
    I guess the responsible thing to do would be to stand there with your hands on your hips and wait for another ball.. and hope the referee adds the required amount of time. After this, the kid is not allowed to ballboy anymore.

    Instead, in an emotional moment, he kicks the kid who probably over reacts (since it’s apparent he’s deliberately sabotaging Chelsea’s chances to get back into the game) and will probably get banned for a lot of games and probably get shit from every anti-Chelsea ball person at any ground he ever plays at.

    Fucking kids.

    • I take back my intentional sabotage remark if Hazard pushed him over in the first place.. I’ve only seen what’s on this blog and didn’t see any other broadcast/replays.

      • you make it sound like chelsea was just about to score and get thru the next round. the 10 seconds wasted didnt stop chelsea from getting back to the game, their stupid coach did

  5. the little Chelsea kid in the background Needs a meme


  7. This is a prime example of the whole story being shown. Maybe before most of you start blaming the ball boy you actually watch the video of it, where you will see Hazard push him to the ground.

    He wouldn’t be playing soccer ever again if I was in charge. He would be packing groceries for the rest of his life.

  8. If JT was charged with Racism in the UK (which I thoroughly disagree with – being a$$hole should not be a criminal offense), then how is this not assault?

    Totally inexcusable that any adult would kick a child for any reason. Hazard should get a ban and be investigated by the authorities.

  9. http://deadspin.com/5978461/chelseas-eden-hazard-sent-off-after-kicking-swansea-ballboy-during-league-cup-match

    Look for yourself hazard pushes the kid down to the ground landing on the ball.then he kicks the kid. This fucking moron should be charged with child abuse and be banned for life and fucked in his ass too. What a fucking idiot hazard is.

  10. The ball boy know exactly what he is doing, but it gives hazard no right to kick, both parties were classless

  11. Ban him for life,John Terry racist bastard,Rio Ferdinand racist hate activist.Alex Ferguson ,Loud mouthed self opiniated Scottish prickChuck them all out.Lets get back to actually playing the game.£65+ a game to watch a bunch of over paid ponces!

    • then its sky u need to chuck out… they’re the force that upped the ticket prices by pumping money into the game. as a result, suddenly the Brookside extra’s became hollywood A listers and commanded such fees. cant blame the players, they can only earn a percentage of the incoming money… THAT’S what increased, resultant of sky.

    • Why are you so aggressive? It’s almost like you are trying to pick a fight with everybody. Just relax man

  12. The kid, who is 17, planned to waste time, he even says so on his twitter account. For that reason he deserves to be fined

  13. What for being a kid! Wake up you knob.No one deserves that treatment,even if it was slightly over the top,or maybe you do.

  14. Twitter I actually call it it Twatter because knobs like you believe it.

  15. Hey Samuel or whatever learn to spell fucker.

  16. Hey Chav totally agree my man,Too much of the green ones involved in the game.Wheres Samuel gone?.Needs to learn to spell.

  17. so peoples defense for attacking a child is he was holding the ball.talk about a little kid sulking but he took my ball of me,it sounds pathetic.theres 100′s of balls in every stadium,whatever the boy did he did not deserve to be violently assaulted by a thug but people are used to it from chelsea,last week it was players they wee attacking now its kids.attacking a child like that he shuld be arrested and banned from the game for life.chelsea are known for violent conduct so more fool the ball boy for attempting to provoke them as chelsea need no excuse to cheat as their last game proved a 2-1 win with both goals cheated by the same player.but attacking a child in front of thousands of people and a live tv audience is just providing video evidence of a violent crime for which he hopefully will be seriously fined for or hopefully arrested.english football has been disgraced for years ,mainly thanks to chelsea and man utd both as bad as each other and for england fans in international games,but this is a whole new lever where suddenly attacking a child has provoked angry tweets from people in chelseas defense,i physically feel sick at the thought of people condoning it

    • well said, cannot disagree with anything you’ve stated.

    • Boy deliberately tries to waste time, in home stadium.
      You really think other ballboys are going to give Chelsea the ball?
      Just like the other dude replying to everyone, another Chelsea hater, probably a gooner that’s mad about getting crushed on the weekend HAHAHAHA

    • He is a few years younger than the “thug” he poked the ball from under him after the ball ball dove on it. This is a joke. Why was the dude crying when he got knicked and barely at that?

    • Hardly a child; he’s 17. We’renot talking about an 8 year old.

  18. Pushed him over my ass. Little twat thought he was being clever and then got a kick for his troubles.

    That being said, not an innocent party in that transaction anywhere to be found. Certainly no excuse for kicking him regardless

  19. You call me a fucking retard,Say it to my face you fuck.Anytime,Anywhere.

  20. Hey ianto fuck you, all I did was stated my opinion if you don’t like it don’t read it

  21. the kid deserved all he got. Should have got on with the game

    • why are so many scumbag thugs actually trying to justify violence.football is a game,whatever happens it it there is no need for violence.ALL ball boys are trained to waste time,chelsea ball boys do it all the time.goalkeepers do it all the time but they dont get violently assaulted and so they shouldnt.chelsea cant win unless they cheat. and after all the violence did getting the ball back make any difference,did chelsea make an amazing come back,oh wait no they never,making it even more pointless. can you really say a defense in court for attacking someone is but he wouldnt give the ball back. do you know how much a judge would laugh at someone for saying it

  22. Uhm so what is going to happen to him? Has something like this ever happened before?

  23. Go Bradford City!

  24. The ball was kicked out for a Swansea goal kick anyway. So Hazard didn’t need to go and get the ball in the first place.

  25. I am almost genuinely afraid to post my opinion on here, but who cares…

    a) That’s not much of a push. He went down about as easily as Andrea De Marco. Kids will be kids though.
    b) The kick was absolutely uncalled for but people calling for his expulsion fro world footy and/or want him flayed and then burned at the stake need to give their head a shake. Give him a few games and then move along.

  26. Just watched the YouTube clip. The ball goes out and 3 seconds later the kid is in the process of picking it up when Hazard engages him and appears to shove him. While on the ground, the kid looks like he is laying on the ball, and roughly 8 seconds after the ball goes out of play Hazard kicks him, though I suspect Hazard was trying to kick the ball out from under him.

    Was the kid being a tool? Of course he was. But I have seen many matches where the ballboys slow down play by holding onto the ball a bit longer – this was absolutely no different until Eden thought he needed to wrestle the ball from a kid. That is when things got seriously fucking stupid. A professional should recognize the gamesmanship, get the fuck out of there, and mention the time wasting to the ref. Instead he engages in a physical confrontation with a child, pushes him and then kicks him. Even though he kid embellishes his reaction to both events, it is unbelievably stupid of Hazard to put himself in tht position in the first place.

    Was the kid a homer dick who was trying to help his team? Yep.

    Was Hazard a moron a whole order of magnitude bigger because of his actions? Sadly, yep.

    He will catch serious shit for this. Big ol ban coming his way.

    • Exactly!!

      The boy was in the process of picking up the ball, like 5 seconds after it had gone out, there was absolutely NO NEED for Hazard to go to him in the first place. I’ve seen ball boys take WAY longer than this messing about and time wasting. Ridiculous.

      This is the clip if anyone wants to take a look.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAiQfASlbbg

  27. when did this become the tsn comment section?

  28. The little fucker deserved it. I’m sick of refs giving out cards for nothing. There’s too many cards, fouls, and suspensions given out these days. Time to let ‘em play and toughen up the sport a bit. I’m surprised my boy Drogba hasn’t voiced his opinion here yet.

    • He kicked the kid. No place for that in the sport. It’s violent conduct, therefore a red card. That being said, the kid should be fired from the club as far as I am concerned. No need for it.

    • He didn’t even kick the fcker. He was trying to kick the ball out from under him.

      You think he “kicked’ the kid?!?! hHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA


      He probably can’t play football to save his life anyways.

  29. The kid should receive a lifetime ban from the ground and Hazard should get at least 8. They both brought the game into disrepute.

  30. At worst, how much time would he waste? 15 seconds? He wasted maybe 5. This happens every week in England and across the world without incident 99% of the time. Chelsea were losing on aggregate and Hazard lost his head. No matter what you think of the kid, defending Hazard here is just being ridiculous. He’ll be banned for 3 games, I’d be shocked if he got 5+ and the kid will cease being a ball boy but have 100,000 twitter followers rather then 100.

  31. I want to know what John Terry said to him as he pick him up off the ground… was it friendly or threatening?

  32. Torres would have missed.

  33. 21 yrs of age vs. 17 years of age, not exactly child abuse. If you see the clip he kicked the ball as well, if anything there was only slight contact with the body. The ‘kid’ was being quite the tool, but hazard definitely did the idiotic thing and the red was coming for sure. Way to overreact btw.

  34. Hazard kicked him, Torres would have missed, Cole would have shot him and Terry would have shagged his mother

  35. The little twat ballboy should be banned for life for trying to interfere with the match like this. Hazard looked to me like he was trying to kick the ball.

    I look at this like I look at it when some tosser runs onto the pitch. The pitch invader is fair game for whatever happens to him.

    Hazard will get something of a ban. Probably deserves a little bit of one for not thinking on how this would play. Of course if he were rag scum or on UEFAlona then he’d get nothing, but that is another issue entirely.

    • This was his last game apparently, went out as the biggest ball boy story ever, mission accomplished I guess.

  36. C’mon. ‘Chubs” the ball boy could’ve easily sat on Hazard if he wanted. Douche…

  37. Most famous ball boy ever! What a retirement party!

  38. Hazard barely touched that fcker. If you think what he did was “bad”…if only you knew what I would have done to that kid…if only.

    I mean, look at my face for god sakes –


    What do you think would happen if you pissed this off?!?!

    Thankfully, I know mercy.

  39. cast your voodoo spells elsewhere drogba u damn witch doctor hahaha

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