Podolski bags a beauty

Arsenal have overcome an early one goal deficit, and lead 5-1 in the 60th minute. Lukas Podolski’s wonder strike tied things up in the 22nd. The Gunners started the second half like a house on fire, going ahead thanks to Olivier Giroud’s goal in the 47th minute. Tallies from Cazorla, Walcott and Giroud (again) have made this one a laugher. Four goals in ten minutes means all is right at the Emirates — for a few days at least.

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  1. The kids foot is a bag of hammers (no pun intended). Good to see him do what does best.

  2. Hi Devang, I am just wondering where the hell is this Arsenal on a big game. Arsenal used to transition / counter at rapid pace ( a lot like Dortmund),but to me it seems they need to make 100 odd passes for every shot on goal (okay maybe not a 100).

    • We still see that high octane counter on limited occasions, CFC, there’s just no consistency. Against the weaker defensive teams (Newcastle, West Ham) the fullbacks and wingers are afforded a lot of space. The better clubs know that is where their bread is buttered — make them play through the middle and problems arise.

    • It’s quite simple.

      arsenal suck. When they play against better teams, they lose the plot. Beat WEST HAM 5-1?!?!?! HAHAHA WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!

      As far as I’m concerned…Bradford City > arsenal

  3. who the fuck cares about the capital cup shit nehow? hows ur team doing this year wanker? oops wait your a fairweather fan i forgot and dont like to talk about your own team your a bitch and if i ever met u id give u a nice mushroom slap across your cheek but wait u may like that…

  4. I think that Arsenal do not sraci on acquiring Podolski. He’s a good player.

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