We can probably stop calling that 17-year old teen a boy, but anyways, Manchester City defeated Stoke at Britannia thanks to Pablo Zabaleta’s well taken strike in the 85th minute. Stoke’s reputation as a gang of brutish thugs is a tad overblown, but they do make it difficult sometimes. Glen Whelan’s ‘challenge’ –not sure you can even call it that– on Javi Garcia was terrible. Referee Howard Webb, standing five yards away, didn’t show red. He didn’t even show yellow. Expect retroactive punishment for Whelan.
Gif via Cadfeel

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  1. Wow thats a horrible tackle LOL

  2. I’m a little hung up on this.

    If he had kept his tailing leg on the ground maybe I could see a case for him making a misguided effort to step on the ball then establish control, but since he jumps and comes down on him it’s pretty hard to see any redeeming quality.

    Brutal tackle no doubt, but I’ve seen more awful things flying around on a given weekend.

    • Hard to fault him for being unable to stop his momentum, but what was his intent anyway? Hopping directly on the ball?

      • Just a wild guess, but if he was expecting the defender to come in standing up then I think he places his right foot over the ball then pivots his left foot over to put his body between himself and the defender.

        Either that or he had this crazy idea that he was going to deaden the momentum of the ball by stepping on the other side of it when the city player came in to challenge.

        But regardless, it all looks out of whack. Sort of like a person playing sports but has limited athleticism or suffered a major brain fart.

  3. Their reputation is not overblown. They are what they are and they don’t apologize for it.

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