It’s been a rough few decades for the Hatters. After being relegated from the top flight in 91-92, the club sank into the abyss. They rose to the fourth tier of English Football before being taken over by firebrand owner John Gurney. A series of managerial changes and trouble at the top culminated in the club entering administration in the latter part of the 07-08 season. Since then they’ve been in purgatory, competing in the lowly Conference National since 09-10. Today that didn’t matter. The ‘magic of the cup’ is a phrase scoffed at by the cynics, and justifiably so, but the scenes at Carrow Road indicate there’s some truth to the cliche. The Hatters are in the fifth round of the FA Cup. How bout that.

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  1. after Luton Town’s win yesterday, and currently watching Brentford leading at the half time with Chelsea, I can’t herlp but reaffirm that the FA Cup is stil my favorite cup competition.

    yeah, i’m dreadfully old fashioned.

  2. I agree Paul, I love the FA Cup.

  3. Hey, it hasn’t been all bad for them….weren’t they in the Championship before their finances went to shit about 7-8 years ago?

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