There are so few things you can truly rely on in life, except for Sean Keay‘s ability to find the most obscure, amazing, embarrassing corners of online football Canadiana.

And so behold: Canadian international (and we’re talking pretty nominally) Tam Nsaliwa, has put together a rap video featuring Much Music Canadian Content regulations star Choclair.

This video is amazing, not only for the rich cameos of Atiba Hutchinson and Jonathan “Dead to Us All” De Guzman flanking the former AEK Athens midfielder. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video that attempts to make catching an Air Canada flight from Edmonton (Nsaliwa’s home town) to Toronto seem so OG.

What is equally amazing is that as of writing, the majority of comments are from AEK supporters, in all caps. For a guy who is technically a German citizen.

The Internet: my god, it’s full of stars.