Well we knew this horrible day would come, didn’t we? The player whose potential didn’t quite match his ability to behave off the pitch like a character from Skins is officially going to Milan for a reported €23 million. Which will probably end badly I’m sure.

Anyway, we already have an idea of what he’ll look like in a Milan shirt (via Jimmy Horncastle’s Twitter feed):

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  1. I actually LOLed. great choice of audio accompaniment.

    tomorrow you can follow it up with a little beatles “yesterday”

  2. 23 million, or half of what PSG wanted to pay them for Pato last year. Anyone remember how much he left for a few weeks ago???….

  3. This won’t end badly, it will end gloriously, especially for the national team who has their two best attacking players playing together now for club and country. It kinda sucks being an Inter fan though.

  4. I’m not a City supporter, but I’ll miss Mario in the EPL. They’re isnt enough characters in sports today but Balotelli is one. I’m not sayin i would want him at my club, but he was a real source of entertainment. His “Why Always Me?” celebration at old trafford was a classic. That video of him not being able to put on the subs bib. The Premier League is worse off without him.

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