SoccerAmerica lays out the pertinent details in English from France Football‘s scathing investigation (or really compilation) of corruption allegations in the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. While SoccerAmerica takes it all in a stride signs off with a bit of smug self-congratulation over how Don Garber stuck to his guns and kept MLS to a summer schedule because World Cup 2022 will almost certainly have to be played in the Winter, I’m not so cynical as to dismiss this as “business as usual” for the FIFA Executive Committee, even though it basically probably is.

I’d like to say the World Cup is bigger than the small cabal of extraordinarily wealthy politicians slinging around pork for play, but it’s the FIFA World Cup, forever and always. So you can either accept the shovelled manure on offer in this awful business from the smiling bureaucrats in Zurich while impoverished, rights-less migrants prepare to build the damn thing, or you can not watch it. I’ll be watching Brazil 2014, but it will be a job. I’d encourage you not to, until FIFA and others force an end to this kind of influence-peddling.

But fat chance of that happening, so on and on it goes…

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  1. That’s quite a stand you’ve taken.

  2. why is this even remotely surprising?

  3. If I ensure that I watch it illegally, and thus don’t pay any money to FIFA, does that count?

  4. I dont support the bribery and buying part, but if you see the investment and injection of cash flow Qatar reps have done in various continents like Africa, South America, Europe…i guess from a big picture perspective its good for the development of the game. What i mean by this is, the funding they have provided for votes, is used for soccer, academies, sponsorship, youth development and boost some of the other leagues that might not generate much revenue…

    I DONT SUPPORT the fact they bought the right to host the world cup, but going by the details it may be a good thing for the sport and the development as a whole….MAYBE just my thinking.

    Plus i think the only major reason everyone is opposed to Qatar, is coz of the climatic conditions i suppose. Again if it was another continent with a preferable climate there might have not been such a hulala about the whole thing

  5. The article highlights a lot of sweetheart deals and favourable moves to get support for Qatar. That’s about it. It’s wrong, but the one thing that sticks out more than anything is Sarkozy pressuring Platini to support Qatar. FIFA bans federations who suffer gov’t interference. So shouldn’t UEFA be banned? At the least, Platini sacked?

    Nope. He’s taking over for Blatter.

  6. It’s not even all the corruption that bothers me, because really when the fuck hasn’t there been corruptiion in FIFA.

    My issue is with the sudden disregard for morals, a total whitewashing of the cultures of the next two hosts.


    -Has a terrible issue with racism, making the problems in Italy, Spain and England look childish in comparison.
    -Has incredibly low freedom of press ratings.
    -Maintains a system of governmental corruption that makes the Soviet system seem functional.
    -Is literally spending billions on stadiums that will never sell out again (par for the course for FIFA, but…)


    -”I’d say they [gay fans] should refrain from any sexual activities.” -Sepp Blatter
    - Hosting the tournament in a country the size of the Niagara Penninsula? GROWTH!
    - Forget government corruption; Qatar is run by a family. Much like a convenience store. Or North Korea.
    - Wanna have a few beers before the game? You’re going to need a license for that. Same goes for your sausages. Budweiser must be a happy sponsor.
    - Their penal code, no bullshit, violates the UN Convention Against Torture.

  7. Nobody should be shocked. It’s the same shit that’s been done with the Olympics and other projects for decades. The aristocrats will have their money one way or another. They can either take it directly through bribes (not so subtle) or indirectly through the infrastructure money that runs through builders (a little less shocking).

    Either way it never has anything to do with merit. It’s all about plunging money out of somebody, and when the price tag is so high you have to have a big world view. “We really think area X would be great” is just code language for “they’re the highest bidders”.

  8. I hate seeing stuff like this. I can’t help but wonder with all the talk of similar pay outs within CONCACAF when Warner was president, that it could have contributed to Canada’s position in the region. If central american and caribbean teams are getting dirty money injected into their systems, and the CSA isn’t exactly bulging with money, that could play a role in Canada’s performance in the international stage.

    Back to Qatar, I read a while back that they are planning on building an entire city for the World Cup. Seems like that would take a long time. Sure is “lucky” that FIFA decided to start awarding the World Cup earlier.

  9. Yes they have bought the world cup, but am I not the only one excited to see the amazing stadiums and facilities they would provide? They’re pumping so much money in this, it will probably be the most outstanding world cup in terms of what they have to offer compared to the overcrowded, dirty cities in Europe with their old stadiums.
    The problem is everyone is so biased against them already, every minor niggle will be blown out of proportion.

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