It’s live now. Looks slick in a suit.

UPDATE: This is one of the few press conferences I’ve seen that bears a repeat viewing. First for the good production values in the opening sequence, but more so for Balotelli’s withering dismissal of the self-serving English press.

It’s basically the anti-Beckham press conference. Watch for his shutting down of the Sun reporter for their vicious coverage of the player while in England, and for this most Balo of Balo quotes:

When asked if England “didn’t understand him,” he replied: “You don’t need to understand me, because I don’t care.”

Comments (5)

  1. Oh I hope they upload a recording because I want to re-watch that moment when he snubs that Sun reporter.

  2. Bob Dole would have Mario Balotelli as his running mate anyday! What a boss

  3. wow the english press ask questions you’d expect from a 3rd grader when compared to what the italians are after. England look like a bunch of chumps in this presser.

    we shoulda sent KJ and Sharms

  4. Good fun by the way. I hate watching Mario play (because usually he shows no desire and more often than not doesn’t show up) but man is he fun to watch in interviews. why always him?

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