So I have to admit, I have no idea what happened with this Peter Odemwingie business, wherein the WBA striker simply drove to Loftus Road expecting QPR to…what? Let him in and hand him a contract simply because he went to all the trouble of driving down? I do think that’s the sort of thing Redknapp might do if common sense had momentarily left him, as it tends to on Transfer Deadline Day.

Anyway, Ian King has thoughtfully written about it here. The pertinent bit:

Now, it could be argued that Queens Park Rangers had been dragged into a situation that was partly of their own making, here. After all, the club had been reported as having made a £2m offer for the player that had been turned down by West Bromwich Albion earlier this week. However, with commendable restraint they wouldn’t allow Odemwingie in to sign the contract of his dreams, leaving the player stranded outside Loftus Road facing the daunting prospect of having to return to The Hawthorns to explain himself and, perhaps more significantly from the point of view of a professional footballer, come face to face with the other Albion players. He was, however, sent home from this morning and now, to no-one’s surprise, will not be involved in their match against Tottenham Hotspur this weekend.

What would Odemwingie have listened to in his car trip down? That’s what I’m thinking is the most important question here. Harry Redknapp I think coloured the situation best when he said, “I think there was a mistake. He travelled down and I think he thought the deal was done and that is why he turned up. I think he thought ‘I better get down, have the medical, sign the forms.’”

So the general feeling would have panic, mixed with blind hope. Something supremely confident. I’m going to guess Born to Run, maybe? Or “My Way” by Sid Vicious?

Or if we’re in the punk vein, Joan Jett, Bad Reputation?