Homecomings are not created equal. Demba Ba’s return to St.James Park was short lived, as the former Newcastle striker took this boot to the face from Fabricio Coloccini. Ba was replaced in the 42nd minute by Fernando Torres. Newcastle lead 1-0 thanks to a wonderful header by Jonas.

Coloccini high kick at Demba Ba chance by UCL2410

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  1. How can that not be a penalty?

  2. High kick is an indirect free kick, at best.

    • Uh, no. If Ba had been diving and had his head at waist height or lower, the kick from Coloccini might not be a foul. But when his foot is at shoulder height, it’s always a foul, should be a card, and in this case a penalty. Howard Webb just completely blew the call.

      • Agreed, red card for dangerous play… Back suffered what no player should have to suffer: a boot to the face breaking his nose. It was a very solid kick. I was surprised they tried to put him back on, he could barley keep his eyes open when subbed. Brutal, he’ll probably have two black eyes from that.

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